Life in USA

Life in USA is Rewarding for International Students

When one of the students in the United States thinks that he should be fully aware of the cultural and social life of the country and the traditions of the people there so that he is fully prepared to accept the difference necessarily resulting from his surrounding cultural environment. Then he can easily and comfortably live in America and keep up with the cultural and social life of the United States of America.

American culture

The United States is one of the richest countries in the cultural diversity of its citizens. During the living period in America, you will experience that the cultures are completely different from one another. For example, at your university, you will find an American with African, Chinese, a fifth of numbers with Mexican origins, and a sixth with European origins. If you decide to live in America you have to bear in mind that you must be flexible and smooth in accepting the cultures of others that are different from you.

Despite the difference of cultures in America as I mentioned earlier, Western European culture dominated the majority of the American people.

American Cuisine

The local American cuisine is of high quality, but despite this, most people depend on fast food in famous American restaurants and cafés such as Kentucky, Mac, Starbucks and other international bourses.


In sports, baseball and American football are the first places in the most famous sports and practice in American life. Basketball then comes second. While football is popular but less as a collective sport for young people. University sports in general, especially American football and basketball, are very popular, with university and college programs attracting the elite of football and basketball, crowds of thousands, and spending millions of dollars on players from scholarships and training to boost scholarship.

Culture and rights in America

The United States of America is an officially secular State where the right to social life is guaranteed by religion as long as the religious person does not violate or infringe the rights of others, even though the vast majority of the population is Christian, but there is no official religion in the United States America.

One of the most important aesthetics of cultural life in America is the history of music in this country where there is a great diversity of music styles in America between classic and traditional and popular, and one of the most famous types of music in America, blues music, rock and roll and rural music. Another aspect of social life in America is their strong love for animals. The majority of the population has one or more animals and cares about them as human beings. It may also be known that Americans often laugh with others even in the first person-to-person interviews.

These diverse cultures combine to form a diverse hybrid culture that is an element of strength and pride in American society. While saying that there is a strong sense of "Americanism" among the population is true, the Americans agree that there are still very distinct subcultures, especially on the lines of ethnic lines. The United States is a secular state in the basic principle of the Constitution, which is the separation of religion and state and the freedom of individuals to worship according to their choice. There is also another very distinguishing factor is the freedom of expression of the right individuals guaranteed by the Constitution in expressing themselves. These individual freedoms help to create a culture in which the individual's interest and skills are more important than the family or the social fabric. 

History of US

The United States is one of the countries of the New World discovered by the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus during his famous journey. America includes 50 states, most of which are located in Central North America, with Washington as its capital and bordered to the north by Canada and from southern Mexico and overlooking the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. The United States is in third place in terms of population after China and India and in terms of space also after Russia and Canada, and has the strongest national economy on earth as the US dollar is the world's most famous and used currencies, Was armed and his first president was George Washington, who took office in 1789 and was followed by 44 other presidents, current President Donald Trump.

The first indigenous settlers of the United States were what are now referred to as Native Americans or Native Americans. When the British began to settle on the east coast, they established about 13 colonies. These colonies declared their independence in 1776 from Britain as a result of the American Revolution. The Treaty of Paris in 1783 officially recognized the United States of America as a sovereign state. The American Constitution was signed in 1787 as a great power in the 20th century and is now one of the most influential countries in the world. And today, the population of the United States a little more than 326,000 million people. It is ethnically and culturally diverse with a long history of migration. Caucasians make up 70% of the population, Latinos 17%, American blacks 13%, Asians 4%, Native Americans 1%. English is the main language, with Spanish as the second most common language.

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