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Studying abroad is one of the most important experiences in human life. In an early age, a student decides to travel to the far reaches of the earth for science. The decision to study abroad is one of the most difficult decisions in the life of the student and his guardian alike. The research on accredited universities suitable for his ambitions is similar to the search for a needle in a haystack. Universities abroad differ from each other in their advantages and disadvantages in terms of available programs, admission requirements, university fees, living expenses, country or region in general and many other things.

Many well-known universities may be accredited or not accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education. Some accredited universities abroad may not be accredited in some disciplines, and vice versa. Some unapproved universities may be accredited in some disciplines. Therefore, the student and the guardian must verify all the correct information accurately before starting the process of applying for study abroad. In general, the sources of information for study abroad consist of three basic sources, each of which plays a different but complementary role: the Ministry of Higher Education, the overseas study offices and the Internet. The following is a simple example of their respective roles:

Role of the Ministry of Higher Education

The Ministry of Higher Education is making strenuous efforts to raise the level of Kuwaiti students. One of the most active departments within the Ministry of Higher Education is the Department of External Scholarship.

The Department of External Scholarships at the Ministry of Higher Education are planning the full and comprehensive management of education in relation to the annual scholarship plan, updating and following up the lists of recognized universities on a continuous basis, developing the executive plans for missions abroad and following up and updating the requirements of external scholarship and academic guidance.

It is also making great efforts to provide scholarships to the largest number of outstanding students within the programs to study abroad, especially in developed countries, such as the United States, Britain and Canada.

The Department of Scholarships in the Ministry of Higher Education in Kuwait is not limited to sending students abroad, but rather follow up the students periodically and continuously, solving problems faced by them and directing material and moral support to the students for the ministry's importance of developing the minds of students and their study of different fields abroad. Because this is a direct return in the advancement of practical life and the advancement of a bright future for the State of Kuwait. Every student in the State of Kuwait must study hard, diligently and practice the value of science and learning in these great educational platforms. Therefore, he strives for a better scientific and cultural future and utilises the opportunities offered by scholarship management so that he can enlighten his mind and draw a clear future for him and his family and his people.

The Role of Educational Consultancy Offices Abroad

The role of the study offices abroad differs from the role of the Ministry of Higher Education and is complemented by one. The role of study offices abroad, such as the Studygram office, is to discover admission requirements in various universities and language institutes and to help confirm or deny their accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education. These offices also assist the student in applying for admission to universities and various language institutes and follow-up and assist in obtaining conditional or unconditional admission and preparing for admission tests such as IELTS, TOEFL or SAT. Some overseas study offices, such as the Studygram Office, help to provide student visas to study abroad. Making a visa application to US, UK, Canada or any of the scholarship countries requires the utmost precision in completing the requirements. In addition to this, Studygram helps its students arrange travel, accommodation, and all that a student needs to start his studies abroad at a close pace.

The Role of the Internet in the Planning of Study Abroad

The Internet is one of the most important tools in planning for study abroad. All students need information about accredited universities, study programs, language institutes, language courses, admission requirements, time and attendance, study and living expenses, and all that is needed on the Internet. Unfortunately, the Internet is also full of false and incorrect information, which puts the student's future at risk if he relies on incorrect information. That's why we at Studygram are always there for service.

Studygram - University Admission Office and the first integrated academic guidance in Kuwait

Our consultants are accredited by international organizations to study abroad in US, UK, Canada and more. Our mission is to assist students in meeting the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education for foreign missions, to provide scholarships, to follow up study missions, to study language, to train for admission tests, to obtain university admission from the best accredited universities in the world, in addition to visa and travel arrangements.

With Studygram study abroad is becoming easier

We work to help our students in all stages of study abroad from providing scholarship follow-up missions and classification and arrangement of universities and institutes of language accredited and not accredited abroad and at the request of the student and to apply for admission and follow-up and help in providing student visa study and travel arrangements and all that is needed to ensure a bright future.

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