Educational System in USA

Educational System in USA is World-class

The United States of America has a successful and organized educational system. In accordance with the American school system, the student must pass various levels of education through which he learns a lot of skills and methods of critical thinking and other requirements of the age to succeed.

The American school system differs from the American university education system, where school education is a basic stage that everyone must pass successfully in 12 years or more or slightly less. And university education is not compulsory for all students except those who wish a better and more sophisticated educational life.

The Education System in American Schools

The educational system is similar in America and most other countries which consists of primary and secondary education, which includes intermediate and advanced stages or so-called higher education. In addition, undergraduate is an optional stage in America that includes many programs such as diploma programs, bachelor's, master's, doctorate and other programs that do not lead to university degrees.

There are two types of American schools, state public schools directly funded by the state. These schools offer free education to all students in the state. The other type is private schools, which usually require a tuition fee of up to $ 8,300 per academic year.

For international students who have come with their families to the United States, they can study for free at the state school where they live, either if they want to attend another school in another area, they have to pay some fees that vary from region to region, unless for those who want to study in private schools, will have to pay the required tuition fees.

Education system in universities and higher institutes

There are over 4,500 universities and institutes in the United States that offer degrees and academic and professional degrees.

According to the education system in U.S, educational institutions are divided as follows:

Professional schools

These schools provide professional and technical courses such as architecture, carpentry, electronics, cooking, tourism, cooking and the like.

Religious institutes

These institutes specialize in religious lessons and teachings and belong to many presidents, ministers, politicians and judges.

Community colleges

These degrees are awarded for assistance, diploma and bachelor degree in some cases.

Universities and higher institutes

These universities and institutes offer all grades that preceded the addition of bachelor's and master's degrees and doctoral medical research.

System Units in America

At various levels of study and educational institutions, subjects in US consist of units measured by the number of hours per week. For example, most subjects consist of 3 modules, which represent three lectures per week for the semester. In some cases, one course may consist of more than one unit, such as intensive language courses, which may reach up to 12 units per curriculum. In addition, some laboratory materials may consist of one to four study units. Of course, any bachelor degree from 90 to 180 units of study and master of 30 to 60 units will vary according to specialization and university. These units are taken at the rate of 15 units in the semester of the bachelor's or 6 units in the semester for the master's and doctorate degrees.

The academic system in American universities is following a steady course of development year after year, eventually making graduates of American universities competent in the local and international labor market in various fields. The school system follows in America on the system quarterly in the sense that the school year is divided into two semesters and in some universities there are separate third semester called summer separation, first semester usually starts in September and ends in January , while the second semester begins in February and ends in June, The summer vacation or the summer semester shall be between those two periods.

If you intend to study at American universities you should know the system of how to calculate grades, which is known as the short GPA, which is known as the average estimate and calculated according to the calculation you will know after obtaining grades, but you have to be aware of the following symbols and numbers.

A = 4.0-3.9 = High privilege

A = 3.8-3.5 = privilege

B + = 3.4-3.2 = Very good high

B = 3.1-2.9 = Very good

B- = 2.8-2.5 = very well low

C + = 2.4-2.2 = Good is high

C = 2.1-1.9 = good

C- = 1.8-1.5 = Good Low

D + = 1.4-1.2 = Acceptable is high

D = 1.1-0.9 = acceptable

There is no doubt that the study in America is the most popular in the world. It provides educational opportunities for many genders and individuals at all levels of education.

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