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When it comes to studying abroad, attention is directed immediately to the universities of the United States of America, where to study in one of the universities of US, is the dream of many students and ambition to obtain a university degree from the largest learning platforms in the world.

Study at leading US Universities - Ministry of Higher Education Approved in Kuwait


US Universities Location Ranking
University of Colorado Denver 397 QS ranking
George Mason University Virginia 136 (US News)
University of South Florida Florida 521 QS rank
Auburn University, Alabama Alabama 801 QS rank
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Florida 294 Forbes (USA) rank
Kent State University Ohio 751 QS rank
University of Dayton Ohio 127 (US National Ranking)
University of Tulsa Oklahoma 797 QS rank
Wichita State University Kansas 605 Forbes (USA) rank
Cleveland State University Cleveland 635 Forbes (USA) rank


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Top Fields of Study in USA

  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Business Administration
  • Aeronautics and Aviation
  • English Language Programs
  • Art
  • Nursing

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The best US universities in the world

first in the ranking of international universities and then occupy the University Stanford is the second place of 2018, an American university located in the state of Catherina. It is named after its founder Leland Stamford. It was opened in 1891 on October 1, and is ranked third by the famous Harvard University, without rivalling the world's largest universities. It is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is recognized for its difficulties in accepting students. It is one of the world's educational beacons. Contact us to apply in top university.

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Find in detail the systems of study in USA and the university and social and cultural life and the cost of study and the average cost of living and everything you would like to know about this country leading in the current era, especially at the educational level, cultural and social If you are looking to study in US.

Rapid Growth in the number of Students Studying in US

US is the world's largest destination for study abroad. More than 1,000,000 students a year travel from around the world to study in US to increase their lives and experience. This figure represents approximately 5% of the total number of tertiary students in US. These numbers are growing very rapidly as US hosts the largest number of university programs. Scholarship and higher education in US is one of the most competitive destinations not only in Kuwait but also in the whole world, in order to open up their mandates, progress and lead education. Studying in US will enhance your university life and help you to develop a professional career.

Educational System

The educational systems in the United States of America is one of the most successful systems in the modern era, which required the student to go through various stages of progress to reach the university education and can join one of the American universities. The student begins his journey of learning since the fifth or sixth year to attend primary school. After passing, they can go to middle school to spend about 3 years, then another 3 years in the high school, which is set up directly to join American universities which are under the full supervision of education officials in the United States of America. Learn more.

Cost and Living Expense

The cost of study and living in US depends of the university tuition, lifestyle and area of living. Learn more about average cost expense.

Requirements for studying in US University

Check out the conditions and requirements to take admission in any university of USA. Learn more.

Five general information about the study in US

  • US is the world's first destination to study abroad
  • US is the third largest country in terms of area and population
  • US has the world's largest and most technologically advanced GDP economy
  • US has the largest share of the best universities, colleges and educational institutions in the world
  • US offers the largest number of scholarships and study programs to students in the world

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