Education System in UK

Education System in UK is the Most Common Worldwide

English school system

The English school system in the UK (excluding Scotland) and the GCSE or IGCSE outside the UK are divided into four main sectors: primary and secondary education, higher education and higher education. Full-time education is compulsory for all students between the ages of 5 and 16. Primary education is usually up to 11 years and secondary up to the age of 16.

Students in English schools may then continue their secondary education for an additional two years or so-called Sixth Form, which leads to the AS Level and A Level levels equivalent to the year 13. Although there are other qualifications for English schools including BTEC or International Baccalaureate, but the IGCSE system from the University of Cambridge Institute is the most famous.

The IGCSE system, which grants one of the recognized international certificates in many countries around the world, gives the student a separate certificate for each subject he has studied. This is different from that of many countries. This certificate has a completely different system. It does not depend on teaching the different curricula But depends on the level of the student in continuous tests to measure the degree of knowledge in this article or that. So they are considered highly suitable for students who prefer to study in homes as well as they fit adults.

This certificate is also recognized by many academic institutions and workplaces around the world. It also qualifies students to study advanced stage materials from AS - LEVEL and A - LEVEL, the certificate not only specializes in language teaching but also includes human and biological sciences as well as mathematics and many other materials from which students can choose. This certificate is also suitable for all students' abilities.

School System in Scotland

The education system in Scotland is very different from education systems in the rest of the UK. In 1999, Scotland's education system had its own legislation, curriculum framework and accreditation systems. The Scottish Parliament has established several educational development offices and is responsible for the entire system. For example, the Scottish Qualifications Authority is responsible for issuing all grades. Scotland has one academic program: the University of Scotland, under which all individual universities operate.

All major cities in Scotland have universities and each higher education course is longer than one year in other countries in the UK and has a wide range of disciplines to choose from. Students receive a high level of education and flexibility in the selection of materials in the course. This Scottish approach attracts many students, where they are likely to be able to change the middle of the road in their studies.

In the United Kingdom, more than one million international students are enrolled in higher education. Higher education starts at a three-year bachelor's level and includes postgraduate courses (usually one year and / or research) and a doctorate (at least three years).

If you prefer to be a secondary school and university through British schools and universities you must be aware of all the laws governing this system in addition to the teaching method practised in all schools and universities there, the system of secondary certificate in the United Kingdom is different from any other place is known as the name (GCSE), one of the world's most recognized secondary qualifications, is a certificate that can be obtained from the University of Cambridge where a student can have an international baccalaureate or you can get an advanced level (A-LEVEL).

Universities and institutes in UK

Studying at British universities is distinguished from any other place because of the academic excellence of the university, which is very interested in the student and how it is taught. British universities are recognized by all the scientific circles in the world, so the certificates that you will receive from the British University will be recognized in the British University. Any other place and even it will give you more preference than anyone else, British universities, on the other hand, recognized internationally from various international bodies and large companies, British universities are doing acceptance tests for the selection of students applying to them They are aimed at getting outstanding students so that they can give them an excellent amount of knowledge. Education at a British university will help you not only master the language but excel in other branches of science you will know later.

When you decide to join a university in UK, there are many of them that are known internationally and have a good ranking in the branches of international science, whether a university or an institute. If you search for the most important universities in UK, you will find many, notably Cambridge University, In the UK, it has an advanced global position, if not the world's best. There are many outstanding scientific figures who have graduated from this university, and we can not forget the role of Oxford University, which ranks among the best universities in the UK or the world, Durham University It is also a government institution in the United Kingdom that was founded in 1832 and is, therefore, one of the oldest scientific places there.

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