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The University of Pécs is one of the largest and oldest institutions of higher education in Hungary and offers a broad spectrum of courses to 20,000 students in 500 different study programs. The University of Pécs is one of the top public universities in Hungary. It is ranked #651-700 in QS Global World Rankings 2022.

The University of Pécs offers a host of different majors and specializations; from Business and Communication and Media Science to Nursing and Engineering. The Medical School at the University of Pécs offers such a remarkable Medicine program that attracts students from all over the world and is undergoing a series of developments to complement the changes in higher education in the twenty-first century.


Potepillars – The Strategic Plan of the University of Pécs Medical School 

The University of Pécs Medical School is reportedly adapting to a new strategic plan that identifies and supports the directions for development in the coming years. The Learning Culture Concept, the Built Environment Concept, the Science and Innovation Concept, and the Well-Being Concept are the four major pillars on which the strategic plan relies. 

The four pillars being adapted are set to change the way the school is positioned. The School of Medicine at the University of Pécs aims to form a new, shared, modern, successful and attainable view of the future that will enable improvement of the school’s competitiveness, successful marketing and the development of the faculty community. Each of the four pillars have set distinct goals that will help the school with its transformation: 


The Learning Culture Concept Goals 

  • Developing the complex, personalized learning culture at the faculty. 
  • Change of paradigms: switching from teaching culture to learning culture.  
  • Creating commitment via ensuring that every faculty member continuously “learns” from each other, promoting development.  
  • Support of new learning methodologies, providing students, educators and administrative workers with the opportunity to try these models. 


The Science and Innovation Concept Goals 

  • Determining scientific goals and tools. 
  • Determining raking goals, realities and tools.  
  • Planning economic use, building business models. 
  • Integrating freelance experts, market characters and new points of view. 


The Infrastructure Concept Goals

The concept and ongoing planning are looking to answer the following questions:

  • The “Well-Being” Concept Goals 
  • Developing the viewpoints, faculty goals and tools of health preservation. 
  • Determining goals of faculty sporting, surveying possibilities. 
  • Creating catering options, buffets, places to chat and sit (cafés). 
  • Maintenance and development of highly professional mental hygiene needs. 
  • Integrating well-being, or renewal as a point of view into the life of the faculty. 



Innovation at the University if Pécs

The University of Pécs realizes that innovation is the way to be a leading institute in Europe and the world. In his statement about Potepillars, Dr. Miklós Nyitrai explains what each of the four pillars entails.


University of Pécs Department of Neurosurgery

The University of Pécs Department of Neurosurgery is now classified as an outstanding European training institute for neurosurgery, exclusively in all of Hungary. The selection of the University of Pécs Department of Neurosurgery reflects the international standard of neurosurgery education, patient care and research in Pécs.

Berlin, Geneva, Liverpool and Milan are among the cities with world-renowned neurosurgery clinic together with whom the UP Department of Neurosurgery has been added to the network of European neurosurgery training centers of excellence with a €1 million financial support for raising the level of pan-European neurosurgeon training. Through the AENEID program, residents and postgraduate students will come to the Pécs department from all over the continent, and young neurosurgeons from.

Pécs will also promptly enter the international scientific circulation and will be guaranteed to learn from the best professionals and use state-of-the-art equipment.


The Assistant Chatbot

As part of the innovation the University of Pécs is adapting, a chatbot operated by artificial intelligence was developed jointly by the University of Pécs Medical School (UPMS) and IBM and it can already pass a written examination in neuropsychology. It will not become a virtual doctor just yet, but it will be an assistant that helps the doctor during complex surgical procedures or provides accurate and understandable health advice to lay people.


Why study in Hungary?

Hungary provides high quality education in the heart of Europe. The Hungarian Government has launched the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship program to attract students from all over the world covering tuition fees, a monthly allowance and accommodation contribution.

Besides the quality of education and degrees recognized throughout Europe and beyond, students are attracted by the affordable living costs, a safer and a friendly living environment with convenient public transportation and the unspoiled natural beauties. Get in touch with one of our counsellor now and learn all you need to know to start your enrollment application at the University of Pécs.


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