Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship
What’s better than pursuing the college major you’re so eager to study at a well-known, prestigious university is doing so on one of the best scholarships in Europe. It’s the dream of many young high school students to receive the highest college education possible. The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship for the academic year 2020/2021 is a governmental scholarship that is made to help students achieve their dreams.

Why study in Hungary?

Hungary provides high quality education in the heart of Europe and is home to many world-ranked universities. Today, there is a growing demand of international students to study in Hungary. Besides the quality of education and degrees recognized throughout Europe and beyond, students are attracted by the affordable living costs with an extremely favorable cost-to-value ratio, a safe and friendly living environment with convenient public transportation, the central location of the country in Europe, and the unspoiled natural beauties combined with a 2000-year-old, rich Hungarian history and several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With respectable ranks among the top 200 universities in Europe, the University of Debrecen and the University of Pécs are considered two of the best universities in Hungary; being among the top accredited universities in Europe. Hungary is also within the top countries with the highest number of scientific Nobel Prize Winners per capita and numerous scientific inventions from Vitamin C to Rubik’s cube and so on.

The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program or the Hungarian Scholarship Program was launched in 2013 by the Hungarian Government. The main goal of the program regarding the education policy is to support the internationalization of Hungarian higher education and its constant development, to strengthen the international relations of the Hungarian academic and research community, to enhance the cultural diversity of higher education institutions and to promote the good reputation and competitiveness of Hungarian higher education throughout the world.

High Number of Hungarian Scholarships Available. A whopping 4,500 Scholarships a year!

Thousands of students from all around the world apply for higher educational studies in Hungary each year. The number of Stipendium Hungaricum applicants is continuously increasing, as well as the number of available scholarship places. In 2019, more than 4,500 scholarships were awarded.

Available Scholarship Types

Study levels

The Hungarian scholarships are available for bachelor’s, master’s, one-tier master’s, doctoral, and non-degree programs.

Scholarships are available in 2 types; Degree Programs and Non-degree Programs. Degree programs offer Bachelor’s programs that may take 4 years to complete, Master’s programs that range from 1-2 years and One-tier Master’s programs that may take up to 5-6 years to complete.

Non-degree programs offer Preparatory course in Hungarian language and Specialization courses and may take a student up to 1 year to complete.

Study modes

Both full degree and partial (exchange) study modes are available. Full degree programs are programs that lead to a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree. Partial (exchange) studies are one- or two-semester long exchange studies that are part of the students’ degree studies in their sending higher education institutions.

Benefits Covered by the Hungarian Scholarship

  • Tuition-free education: Exemption from payment of tuition fees
  • Monthly allowance: Non-degree, bachelor’s, master’s and one-tier master’s level receive a monthly amount of HUF 43,700 (EUR 130) contribution to the living expenses in Hungary, for 12 months a year, until the completion of studies.
  • Accommodation contribution: Free dormitory place or a contribution of HUF 40,000/month to accommodation costs for the whole duration of the scholarship period.
  • Medical insurance: health care services and supplementary medical insurance for up to HUF 65,000 (EUR 195) a year/person.

How to Apply?

Fill out an Online Application Form

An online application form must be filled out before moving on to later steps. Applicants must fill out and save all requested information on the online application form in English. A recent photo of the applicant (taken not earlier than 2 years before the submission of the application) is needed.

Motivation Letter

A minimum of 1 page is required, typed in Times New Roman 12 point letters and written in the language of the selected study program or in Hungarian.

Proof of language proficiency

A scanned copy of the original proof of language proficiency is needed, with a minimum level determined by the Host Institution AND its translation. In case the student has completed his/her previous level of studies in the language of the selected study program, a proof can be uploaded about the fact that the language of education was the same as the language of the study program that the applicant is now applying for.

School Certificates Needed

Bachelor level full time programs: a scanned copy of the original secondary school graduation certificate or equivalent AND its translation

Master level full time programs: a scanned copy of the original bachelor degree certificate or equivalent AND its translation

One-tier master level full time programs: a scanned copy of the original secondary school graduation certificate or equivalent AND their translations

Non-degree, Hungarian language preparatory programs: a scanned copy of the secondary school graduation certificate AND its translation

Non-degree, specialization programs: a scanned copy of the degree certificate required by the Host Institution AND its translation

Partial (exchange) study programs on all study levels: a scanned copy of the original certificate about student status issued by the current higher education institution where the applicants is registered in AND its translation

Translations only have to be attached if the copy of the original document is not in the language of the selected study program or in English

Transcript of Records

Copy of the original transcript of records regarding all academic semesters or school years completed during previous studies (at the highest level of education that the student have participated in) AND its translation. Translations only have to be attached if the copy of the original document is not in the language of the selected study program or in Hungarian.

Medical Certificate

A scanned copy of a medical certificate of satisfactory health condition issued not earlier than 15 November 2019 from a hospital or a physician is required. Certificates have to be issued and signed by a physician to prove that the applicant does not have the following illnesses: AIDS, Hepatitis A, B, C, or any other epidemic conditions. Please note that, a medical test may still be needed at the time of enrolment (free of charge for Scholarship Holders).

Copy of Identification Document

Provided that the applicant already has a passport, a scanned copy of the passport’s data page should be uploaded. In case the applicants do not yet have a passport, they should upload the scanned copy of their national ID card · that page has to be uploaded which contains both the personal data and the photograph of the applicant

Acceptance of Statement for Application in the online system

All applicants need to accept the “Statement for Application”. The statement can only be accepted in the online system, therefore scanned and signed copies should not be uploaded. The statement appears in the online application system after registration – all applicants need to click on accepting it in order to be able to submit their applications.

Application Deadline

The deadline for the application is 15 Jan, 2021. Online application must be filled out before deadline date.

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Top participating universities at The Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program

University of Debrecen

There are a number of reasons to choose the University of Debrecen as the destination for university studies. Apart from being among some of the oldest universities in Europe- having been established in 1538, the University is featured in the best 1000 universities in the world, according to the most well-known international university rankings. QS World University Rankings #521-530.

15 Reasons to Study at the University of Debrecen in Hungary


The University of Debrecen is a becoming the destination for an increasing number of international students every year offering a wide spectrum of curriculums and majors. Specialized in majors from agriculture and food science to engineering, pharmacy to economics and business. The University of Debrecen aims to become a top tier research university integrating education, research, health care and agricultural activities with an international ranking.

Faculties of the University of Debrecen.

  • BSc in Food Engineering.
  • BA in Commerce and Marketing.
  • BSc in Biochemical Engineering.
  • BSc in Chemical Engineering.
  • BSc in Civil Engineering.
  • BSc in Electrical Engineering.
  • BSc in Mechanical Engineering.
  • BSc in Mechatronics Engineering.
  • BSc in Nursing and Patient Care (Nurse).
  • BSc in Public Health.
  • BSc in Business Informatics.
  • BSc in Computer Science.

Admissions and document requirements for the University of Debrecen:

There are some required documents to start your application with the University of Debrecen. Studygram will assist you in starting your application. Click here for a free consultation. Given that applications may take time to process, applicants do not need to graduate high school to start the application. An application can be started providing a certificate of enrollment in high school with all the graduating documents submitted at a later stage.

The following documents need to be submitted during the application procedure by all applicants through our online application platform:

  • Valid, filled-in application form (to be filled online here).
  • Certificate of education (school leaving qualification, high school diploma, document of graduation or any equivalent; university or college diploma/certificate or any equivalent; all in English (translated)).
  • Certificate or proof of citizenship and/or permanent residence (e.g. passport).
  • Short Resume/CV (personal details, educational background, work experience, language skills, additional skills).
  • Medical Certificate - please see a template here.
  • Bank receipt about the transfer of the application fee of 150 USD (non-refundable) - bank details are available here.
  • In the case of Applicants applying to any of the Non-Medical Programs, whose first language is not English, proof of English language proficiency is required.

The University of Pécs

The University of Pécs is one of the largest and oldest institutions of higher education in Hungary and offers a broad spectrum of courses to 20,000 students in 500 different study programs. The University of Pécs is one of the top public universities in Hungary. It is ranked #651-700 in QS Global World Rankings 2021

The history of higher education in Pécs dates back to 1367, when Louis the Great initiated the establishment of a university in the episcopal city of Pécs. As a result of an integration process of several stages, the University of Pécs was founded, which has become one of the most famous, prestigious institutions having a leading role in regional education. It has ten faculties which cover the full spectrum of high-quality higher education.

The University of Pécs with its 20,000 students and more than 4,500 international students, 1,400 lecturers and researchers, and its 10 faculties is one of the largest higher education institutions in Hungary and the center of knowledge within the Transdanubian region.

Top programs to study at the University of Pécs

  • BSc in Nursing.
  • BSc in Business Administration and Management.
  • BSc in Physiotherapy.
  • BSc in Computer Science Engineering.
  • BSc in Civil Engineering.
  • BSc in Electrical Engineering.
  • BSc in Architectural Engineering.
  • BA in Communication and Media Science.

Admissions and document requirements for the University of Pécs:

  • Initially, an online application must be filled out here; and the following documents will need to be submitted.
  • Copy of your secondary school leaving certificate/ college diploma/BA/MA/PhD degree.
  • Copy of your transcript of previous studies or academic records.
  • CV in the language of instruction.
  • Completed application form with a passport size photo.
  • Proof of language knowledge (e.g. Language exam certificate).
  • The payment receipt of the application fee.
  • Motivation letter.
  • Medical certificate, Vaccination card and HIV test.
  • Copy of the photo-page(s) of your passport.


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