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All good news! Universities and student groups have been vocal about the need of radical reforms in the current policies for international students

For the past a few days, the majority of the world have been following closely the coverages on the American elections. A very close head-to-head race to the White House between President Donald Trump Jr. (Rep.) and now President Elect Joe Biden (Dem.). The race was so close that the results only confirmed The Democratic Party Candidate winning a couple of days after ballots were collected.

Four years ago when Trump won the elections, 70 to 80% of international students in the US became worried about their future as international students under the Trump administration. All these worries were legitimate as it turned out, under the Trump administration, H1-B visas were halted, federal support to universities and colleges shrank, and immigration policies for international students’ entry (especially during the pandemic) were controversial and caused MIT and Harvard to take US administration to court.

It is no secret that the US is the #1 destination for international students in the world. US universities and colleges rely on tuition-supported international students to cover subsidies for local students. US Reports indicate that about $40 billion annually enter the US economy from abroad as international students’ tuitions, and this number was shrinking and it was bad for both international students and the United States.

So what does this mean to international students? Biden winning the elections race means very good news to international students wanting to study or resume their studies in the US because:

  • More immigration friendly policies to international students.
  • More federal support and grants for public universities

President Elect Joe Biden evidently opposes most of Trump’s policies especially when it comes to foreign policy and international relations with different countries. Biden pledges to particularly reverse policies that affect the acceptance of international students.

Unlike President Donald Trump, President Elect Joe Biden understands the value of having people come from all around the world for their college education as he tweeted back in July, 2020.

International students currently living and studying in the US and those students who are preparing to start their education in the United States are looking forward to a much lenient foreign policies that should have a positive impact on their education journey.

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