The transition from high school to college can be a big one for students, and those who are starting college this year are facing challenges as many colleges and universities had to adapt to online learning or a hybrid classrooms system due to the coronavirus pandemic. Despite these global challenges, students need to use their summer time effectively to prepare the next chapter of their lives.

To use your last summer before college effectively before starting college, we’ve put together a list of things you could do in the summer that will help you succeed in your next challenge.

Learn Language

Learn a language

If you’re planning to study abroad, it is very important to learn the local language spoken at your desired study destination. Learning this new language will not only facilitate your study experience at your chosen university, it will also make your life much easier communicating with locals outside of the university campus. There are a number of ways you can start learning a new language; foreign culture centers from different countries often offer language courses. The internet is also full of free resources that make learning a new language seem so easy. Services like Duolingo and Rosetta Stone offer great materials and attract millions of users from around the world.

Read more

Read more

Reading books benefits both your physical and mental health, and those benefits can last a lifetime. A study conducted in 2013 using functional MRI scans to measure the effects of reading a novel on the brain has found that, as tension built in the novel, more areas of the brain lit up with activity. The scans showed that throughout the reading period and for days afterwards, brain connectivity increased in the part of the brain that responds to physical sensation and movement and pain. Reading also helps build up large vocabulary and increase comprehension and that can have such a positive effect on many areas of your life, from standardized tests scores to college admissions and job opportunities.

Prepare for tests

Prepare well for tests

Most colleges and universities have adapted to test-optional, test-flexible and test-blind policies for the 2020-21 intakes as a result of the ongoing pandemic but that does not mean that standardized tests will continue to be optional in the coming years. Even if some universities are test-blind and won’t consider any standardized test scores if submitted, there is, however, a large number of universities that still consider these test scores. A high test score can strengthen your college application and eases the acceptance decision. As such, it is advised for students to use the summer break to prepare up for the tests. We’ve put together a test-preparation guide from top resources that will help you perform well on your next standardized test.

Take online courses

Take an online course

One of the best ways to spend your summer preparing for your freshman year in college is to keep yourself academically engaged through taking online courses that will be helpful for you during your first semester. Although most of us would just rather relax and take a break from all the stress once admissions application is accepted, but a 2-week vacation can leave you stress-free as well as a plenty of time to improve your skills by taking an online classes. There is plenty of online resources now that offer short courses or MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) that can be completed in as little as a week. Edx.org is a great place to take a short course with a lot of subjects to choose from.

Get work experience

Acquire relevant experience

It is a great practice to explore possible careers and professions related to the study discipline you are pursuing. Adding to your professional experience is equally important through summer jobs or internships. Finding an intern in the field you are planning to study opens up your horizons as well as adds to your personal advantages. Not only will an internship in a relevant field to your desired study discipline help you polish your soft and social skills, it will also expand your perception of the mission of that discipline. An internship or a volunteer position at a bank, for example, for students who are looking to study business, will give a great idea of how operations flow and how such organizations operate.

The transition from high school to college may be a confusing one for some but it is important to maximize the benefit of your summer activities. Taking on any of the activities mentioned above will only reflect positively on yourself as a person and on your college application prior to starting your first year of college. If you are looking for an expert counselling, book your appointment with our student success team at Studygram who will be with you every step of the way.

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