Step by step guide to studying medicine and engineering in UK

UK universities are associated with quality education, earning a degree from one of the UK's universities will boost your career progression. UK is the opportunity to excel in your English language skills, develop your academic knowledge, and grow in confidence to succeed in your career.

The popular cities with the best academic opportunities are London, Liverpool, Brighton, Glasgow etc and the major entry requirements for any UK university are good qualifications and grades, English language proficiency scores, ID documents, Experience and references, and more program-specific requirements. Don’t worry if you don’t have English language proficiency, you can even study in the UK, get more details below. 

Step One: Choose a Right Degree Program to Study in UK

To study abroad in UK, most international students from the Gulf States require to study an International Foundation Year first. These courses take 1 year and provide guaranteed entry to selected bachelor's degrees on successful completion.

There are many education programs approved by the Ministry of Higher Education to choose from for a foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Medicine and Engineering are the two highly demanding education programs to study in United Kingdom

Studying medicine in UK is one of the best opportunities in the world for any students with high grades and well-motivated for their career. But the admission to medical schools is highly competitive and most international students must first follow the Medical Foundation Course of one year.


Medicine Entry Requirements for Top Universities in UK

To apply to medical training to become a doctor, the prospective student must have excellent high school grades and prove that he had set his heart on studying and working in the medical field. You should be at least 17 years to apply for the medical program.


Grades and Qualifications 

  • Students qualifying from General Secondary Education Certificate

Applicants who have completed education from the General Secondary Education Certificate (Shahadat Al Thanawiya Al Aama) must achieve high scores in subjects relevant to the chosen undergraduate course. Students are not accepted for direct entry and so students would be required to undertake Foundation program in UK. Medical Foundation Courses are organized prior to an undergraduate medical degree and aims to better prepare for medical education. They might also be referred to as a ‘pre-clinical year’. Medical foundation courses are the route for learners with a good academic record, designed to widen access to the medical profession.

  • Students qualifying from IGCSE system (British Curriculum)

UK universities require three A level science subjects with A grades. Some universities would accept a combination of AS and O level subjects for distinctive student profiles. 

If you are an O Level student, then you need to enrol in a medical foundation program. These programs are offered at selected universities in UK. Please consult the university program page for more specific details about your program of interest.


Medical Entrance Test and English Language Requirement

Before the end of the medical foundation year you need to take one of the following entrance or admission tests for medical programs:

  • The UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) is the entrance test which is part of the candidate selection process.
  • MCAT (Medical College Admission Test)
  • DAT (Dental Admission Test)

In order to enter directly into a degree program, you also need to show evidence of your proficiency in English language. TOEFL or IELTS test is required to be taken. Minimum 5.5 or 6 in each of the test areas (the score varies from university to university)


Study Engineering from one of Best Universities in UK


The UK has some of the best and highest-ranked engineering schools in the world,  there’s no better place to begin your career than the UK. Choosing the right Engineering course and university can be difficult and it is crucial to understand which university is best for you. Whatever level you want to study engineering you’ll find opportunities to specialize in the field you’re most interested in. The most popular fields are:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Aeronautical Engineering

 Here are the general entry requirements to Study Engineering in the UK 


Grades and Qualifications of Students

To study Engineering in UK, Students must have achieved an overall secondary school certificate grade of 80% in Mathematics and Physics which would be considered by most universities.

You'll usually be expected to have an A level in maths. To get on to a relevant degree course, you usually need three A levels, including maths and or physics. You will also require five GCSEs A-C, including maths, English, and science.


Entrance Test and Language Requirements

Each field of the program sets its own requirements. Most universities apply entrance tests to filter out the best candidates from all applicants. If you score high chances are you get admitted. It varies from university to university. For example, the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge generally require all students to attend an interview, other universities will not require this.

A very good understanding of the English language will be needed from the student to successfully study in the British environment. Passing the IELTS or TOEFL test will be most important for you. You must score at least 5.5 or 5.0 (depending on the university).

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Don’t worry if you lack English language proficiency, you can still apply!


English language test is the first hurdle you need to pass over when you start the  procedure for a university in the UK. But you can still attend University even though you may not have taken A-levels and have not been educated in the UK system.

The student can attend a pre-sessional English language course at a university or the English program center. This English course equips you with the English language skills that you need before starting your degree course. The duration of these courses depends on the mark you attained in IELTS.

You can also check your English level, which is a pre-IELTS test that can be taken online from anywhere and results are instantly available.

Learn an English Language Program in UK

Whether you need to learn English to be accepted onto a university course, or you simply want to learn the language, there is the wide range of English Language Courses, ranging from intensive weeklong courses to year-long programs that fit around a full-time job.

The level of understanding and competency in English will be key to your acceptance in a major program such as a degree program. You will need to make sure you have a good level of English understanding and you can do this by taking one of the following commonly accepted tests of English ability:

  • TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language
  • IELTS - International English Language Testing System

(Register here for IELTS or Pre-check your IELTS level here)


Step Two: Choose the Right UK University

Send us the request below to access the list of Studygram's UK Universities Network 2022 and we will send you the list of UK universities we work with.


Step Three: Create your Application and Apply to Selected UK Universities

Once you decide which degree program you want to study and you have shortlisted 3 or 4 universities, then comes a time to apply in those universities and get an offer. Make sure your qualification certificates are ready in order to apply to your selected universities.

The following documents will be required to process your application:

  • Passport, national identification card
  • Reference letters, if required;
  • Evidence of English competency (TOEFL, IELTS, C1 Advanced scores)
  • Copies of degree/diploma certificates;
  • Academic transcripts

Make sure to consider university application deadlines.


Step Four: Make Arrangement for your Finances and Apply for Scholarship to Study in UK

Overview of Average Tuition Fees and Scholarship Availability

Fees for UK courses vary, depending on:

  • Where you are studying in the UK (there are separate rules for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales)
  • Your education level
  • The university or college you chose and wish to attend


Scholarships and Financial Aids

Studying in UK is not at all cheap these days, making scholarships and similar funding opportunities highly sought-after. There are many ways to get a scholarship to study in UK, such as from many organizations, universities, and Government.

Universities provide scholarships and financial aids, to international students who want to study in the United Kingdom. It depends on which university you apply to.

Also, check out the selection of scholarship section here, some are funded by Government and some are non-Governmental.

For more details and exact match of scholarship, let’s discuss it together based on your university selection and education program criteria.

Final steps after receiving your acceptance letter from UK University

There are a few more steps after receiving an offer from a UK university.

  1. Apply for the UK student visa
  2. Settle your health insurance.
  3. Arrangement for travel and accommodation

Studygram will guide you through all the above steps from the beginning.


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