Life in Turkey

Life in Turkey

Choosing to study in Turkey will provide you with great opportunities and experiences, as well as world-class education. Here are four reasons why you think of Turkey as a destination to study abroad.

An active and multicultural lifestyle

Life begins in the movement from seven o'clock, where students start activities to schools and universities, activity begins in the streets and public transportation, and we see in the Turkish street all spectrums, so we find those who adhere to traditions, including those open to the West, so Turkey is the bridge between East and West.

Turkish culture

Turkish society Turkish society is Friendly, safe, advanced and harmonious. Many cultural groups are represented in Turkey, which makes it among the most culturally diverse countries in the world. The proximity to the country affects the economy, its culture and its way of life. The Turkish government affirms the following rules for a better life:

Respect for freedom, dignity and the value of a person

Respect for freedom, dignity and the value of a person

Supporting parliamentary democracy and the rule of law

Equality under the law

Equal opportunity

Equality between women and men

A spirit of equality that embraces mutual respect, tolerance and sympathy for those in need.

Popular activities to do in Turkey

There are many ways to engage the Turkish culture, the student can practice many social activities in Turkey, you can go to the gyms or stroll in the beautiful neighborhoods with colleagues and enjoy the picturesque nature in Turkey. Activities or visiting tourist places.

Study costs are reasonable

The cost of studying in Turkey is much lower than other major destinations like the United States and the United Kingdom. You can find average prices for studying fields such as medicine, engineering, and business administration by visiting the following link Study prices in Turkey

Transportation in Turkey

Turkey's public transportation system includes trains, buses, trams and ferries. There are also taxi services in all major cities and towns, you can use the bicycle as an efficient and very economical and healthy means of transport and you will find that many local residents use it, the types of transportation available vary between cities, your education provider will be able to give you details of local public transport when you arrive.

A foreign student who has a driver’s license from the town of driving a car in Turkey has the right to translate his Arabic license and authenticate it from the justice office for a period of months. After the 6-month period has passed, a Turkish driving license can be extracted

Beautiful weather and scenery

Turkey has diverse landscapes, beautiful coastlines, vast remote areas and modern cities. Study in Turkey is a ticket for you to visit the natural sights

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