Educational System in Turkey

Educational System in Turkey

The beginning of the educational system in Turkey

The higher education system started in Turkey from 5th century

It was the first university in Istanbul founded by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror in the year 1543, the Sulaymaniyah College was established in 1550 in the rule of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. .

Universities in Turkey

All cities in Turkey include universities, and their number has increased in the past 10 years from 76 universities to 146 universities. The number of university students has reached about 3 million students, and the universities are supervised by the Higher Education Council YOK.

Higher education in Turkey:

In Turkey, nearly a quarter of a million foreign students studying in governmental and non-governmental universities.

There are two levels of education:

  • University education includes a 4-year Bachelor's degree.
  • Postgraduate studies and consists of a two-year master degree. A PhD degree is three to five years.

Higher education for the Turkish educational system:

This system is one of the most stringent and abundant in the submitted science, and it keeps pace with developments in science and technology.

Education in Turkey has become central to be able to link all education institutions to the Education Council, and higher education institutions have been designed in the form of universities and apply the central distribution system .

The evolution of the Turkish education system:

Turkish education has recorded a remarkable development in terms of quality in the last 10 years, and Turkish universities have provided multiple options for foreign students, and the university rankings have recently increased so that it has become a competitor to European universities in quality and price.

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