Life in Russia

Life in Russia

Choosing to study in Russia will provide you with great opportunities and experiences, as well as world-class education. Here are four reasons why you think of Russia as a destination to study abroad.

 A distinguished multicultural lifestyle

Russia is kind and friendly, with a passion for sports, food and entertainment. For example, on campus, you will meet people from different cultures and religions all over Russia. If you want to experience the bustling city life, big cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg are great examples of a wonderful modern lifestyle, from modern art museums and cafes to beautiful city parks..

 Russian culture

Russian society is Friend, safe, advanced and harmonious. Many cultural groups are represented in Russia, which makes it among the most culturally diverse countries in the world. The proximity to the country affects the economy, its culture and its way of life. The Russian government affirms the following rules for a better life:

اRespect for freedom, dignity and the value of a person

Freedom of association, expression, religion, and secular authorities

Supporting parliamentary democracy and the rule of law

Equality under the law

Equal opportunity

The calm

Equality between women and men

A spirit of equality that embraces mutual respect, tolerance and sympathy for those in need.

Popular activities to do in Russia

There are many ways to engagein Russian culture, from participating in amazing theater events to hiking or barbecuing in the picturesque forests. Snowboarding is one of the most prominent landmarks in Russia. It mentioned that Russia is still an easy place to become a budget tourist.

Study costs are reasonable

The cost of studying in Russia is much lower than other major destinations like the United States and the United Kingdom. You can find average prices for studying fields such as medicine, engineering, and business administration by visiting the following link Study prices in Russia

 Transportation in Russia

Russia's public transportation system includes trains, buses, trams and ferries. There are also taxi services in all major cities and towns. The available transportation types vary between cities. Your education provider will be able to give you details of local public transport upon arrival.

Foreign students can drive in Russia with a valid foreign driving license, which they must carry with you while driving. If your license is not printed in Russian, you must also carry a translation in Russian or an International Driving License (IDP). Like Kuwait and Egypt, the Russians also drive on the left side of the road. There are different driving systems in every state and territory

 Beautiful weather and scenery

Russia has diverse landscapes, beautiful coastlines, vast remote areas and modern cities. Study in Russia is a ticket for you to visit the natural sights

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