Requirements for study in Australia

Requirements for study in Australia

Applying to study in Australia is actually relatively simple. Other than having to deal with visas and other entry requirements, it’s not very different than applying to a university in your own country.

What are the conditions and requirements of study in Australia?

Let’s take a look at the steps that you need to take in order to study in Australia.

English language proficiency

What English language tests are acceptable for Australian student visas?

There are five different tests accepted for Australian student visa applications: 

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) 
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) 
  • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) 
  • Occupational English Test (OET) 
  • Pearson Test of English (PTE). 

For further information about English language requirements, Contact us at Studygram.



Undergraduate courses require an Australian Senior School Certificate of Education (Year 12) or the overseas equivalent of Australian high school matriculation, such as three passes at GCE A Levels in appropriate subjects. Some courses may also have certain pre-requisite subjects.


Entry to postgraduate courses requires satisfactory completion of a first degree at undergraduate level. Demonstrated research ability or relevant work experience may also be taken into consideration.

Vocational education and training

Usually there are no other entrance exams to VET institutions. However, some courses may have certain pre-requisite subjects or demonstrated work experience.

Other Tests GMAT

For most management courses, International students are required to take GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test). Most Australian Universities do not require the GRE for admission to post graduate courses. However it is advisable to enclose a copy of your score sheet if you have done well in the test.

Work Experience

A number of professional and vocational courses require relevant work experience. For instance, many MBAs or master's courses in information studies require at least a couple of years' work experience

How can I apply for scholarships in Australia?

Most institutions in Australia offer scholarships and many of these are available to prospective international students. For further information regarding scholarship availability and requirements, it's best to get in direct contact with us.

Want to study in Australia? Let's discuss in detail

If you are considering pursuing your higher education, whether vocational or academic, in Australia, then let's discuss in detail about the courses, university, cost etc. Contact us by pre-booking your free consultation appointment and let's discuss your requirements in detail in our Studygram office.

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