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       Hungary is located in Central Europe. Its capital is Budapest which is characterized by its beautiful nature and unique architecture. Danube River is among some of the attractive places of the capital city of Budapest offering a beautiful sight as it flows through the city. Hungary is a country of a diverse culture; its rich history combined with its beautiful nature make it one of the most interesting and attractive study destinations in Europe. In Hungary, you get to attend live opera with high quality value of production for a price of a movie ticket elsewhere. Entertainment for expats can vary depending upon their location in the country. Movie theatres often show foreign movies with Hungarian subtitles.

If you are looking to start your higher education in Hungary with enough and accurate information to begin your adventure, you need to read this article till the end. Join us as we introduce language, traditions, culture, and some basic information about Hungary.

Culture and customs of Hungary

       Hungary has a diverse culture and you will come across several differences from the city of Budapest to the western and eastern borders of the country; values like respect for elders, ancestors, and women can be seen in many parts of the country. Hungarians enjoy an artistic sense with a dedicated interest in music, festivals, poetry, literature, opera, arts, mathematics, chess, and science. Hungarians are also known for their love for sports and has produced world-class athletes in many different sports; Puskas is one of the Hungarian athletes who is regarded as one of the best football players of all time. The country has made a regular appearance at the Olympics winning a total of 491 medals at the summer Olympics and 7 medals at the winter Olympics with fencing as the top medal-winning sport. Hungary also competes in different sports like wrestling, water polo and swimming.

It is a custom to bring a bouquet or a chocolate box as a gift when invited to visit your Hungarian friends. It is also a custom to take off your shoes out of the house. It is not a part of their culture to arrive late for dinner or lunch as it is considered a disrespectful behaviour. It would not be wrong to say that family is the center of their social structure and they provide financial and emotional support to their family as Hungarians strongly believe in the values and customs of the family. Families prefer to live closer together, thus the grandparent, parents and their children often live in the same family house. They are all very close and stick by one another in every situation.

Official Language in Hungary

       Hungarian is the official language of the country and it is spoken by about 98% of the total population. The residents of the country name their language Magyar. International students are recommended to learn some basic words of the Hungarian language that can be helpful in their day-to-day life in Hungary. If you are interested in learning the local language, the web is full of services that offer simple and easy ways to learn a new language; services like Duolingo and Udemy are considered to be great resources for learning the Hungarian language as well as other languages as well.

Student Accommodation

       Students need to prepare their housing in Hungary prior to entering the country. Hungary offers international students quite a few alternatives when it comes to housing; Hungarian universities often have their own dormitories as the economy option for students with monthly housing budget of approximately EUR 100-200; dormitories are often in close proximity to the university and are considered to be a good place to engage with other international students and make friends. Other housing alternatives include sharing a private apartment with friends for those who would like to enjoy a quieter and more private life. Accommodation rates usually vary depending on the city in which a university is located as well as its location in the city. Budapest is considered to be one of the most expensive to live in in Budapest; other cities like Pécs, Szeged, and Debrecen have world-renowned universities while being some of the least expensive Hungarian cities to live in.

Cost of Living in Hungary

       The cost of living in Hungary is considered to be one of the cheapest living expenses in Europe. The cost of accommodation in Hungary ranges from 350 to 750 Euros per month depending on the location. The dorm rooms in Debrecen may cost somewhere between 150 to 200 Euros per month, while dormitories in Pécs may range from 100 to 150 Euros per month. Dormitory housing may be limited in Budapest; however, hostels and separate or shared apartments may be available for rent. There are a few other options where the rent of one-room apartment starts from approximately 320 Euros per month. These apartments can also be shared with other students making it such an attractive less-expensive alternative.

Advantages of Educational system in Hungary

       Since joining the Bologna process, the higher education system in Hungary has introduced a better quality, more mobile education. Universities in Hungary are able to provide facilities and resources that are incredibly useful for academic excellence and helps students achieve personal and professional goals. Studying in English in Hungary makes it much easier without having to learn the local language; one of the things international students look for in a study-abroad university is whether or not the university teaches its courses in English in addition to its local language; this can facilitate the life of an international student not having to commit to learning the new language. Hence, it can be said that the study in Hungary is one of the best options to fulfil your dream of studying abroad to achieve your academic goals and establish your professional career for your future life.

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