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  • 7 Reasons You Should Study Medicine at St. George's University

    St. George's University

    St. George’s University is considered to be one of the largest medical schools in the world and a leading center for academic excellence introducing more than 18,000 graduates to the global healthcare system since its inception in 1976. It currently...

  • 7 أسباب تدفعك لدراسة الطب في جامعة سانت جورج

    St. George's University

    تعتبر جامعة سانت جورج واحدة من أكبر كليات الطب في العالم ومركزًا رائدًا للتميز الأكاديمي حيث قدمت أكثر من 18.000 خريجًا إلى مجال الرعاية الصحية عالمياً منذ إنشائها في عام 1976. وتضم الجامعة حاليًا أكثر من 6.500 طالب في كلية الطب من جميع أنحاء العالم...

  • Study in Hungary

    Study in Hungary

    Study in Hungary

    Hungary is a Central European country that shares borders with Croatia and Serbia in the south, Slovakia in the north, Austria in the west and Romania in the east. The capital of Hungary is Budapest and it is characterized by its...

  • Why Should You Consider Studying Medicine at The University of Pécs?

    University of Pécs

    The University of Pécs is one of the largest and oldest institutions of higher education in Hungary and offers a broad spectrum of courses to 20,000 students in 500 different study programs. The University of Pécs is one of the top public...

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