College application

The excitement a high school student gets when looking and applying to university isn’t topped by anything but receiving that acceptance letter from the university of their dreams. But first, a decision on where to study and what to study needs to...

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Personal statement
Writing a personal statement can be such a dreadful task. Sometimes you don’t know how to construct your statement or what to include in it. In this guide, we will attempt to provide students who are getting ready to enroll into university with some...
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Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship
What’s better than pursuing the college major you’re so eager to study at a well-known, prestigious university is doing so on one of the best scholarships in Europe. It’s the dream of many young high school students to receive the highest college...
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UK Visa Passport


On 5 October 2020, the UK government changed the immigration route for students. What used to be the “Tier 4” route has become the “Student” route. Most of the changes are not significant but they carry many benefits for international students...

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World University Ranking

 There are multiple world university rankings available and each of these rankings uses a different methodology. This can sometimes be confusing when trying to decide on which university to go to.

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