Open Learning

The world is changing and everything around us is evolving as well. The technology we are enjoying now is evidently more advanced than that which existed 20 years ago. This evolution has afforded us with means of a much-needed progression within the...

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International Student Ireland

Great news for self-funded international students who are looking to enroll at the University College Dublin as such valuable scholarship is made available. Students could benefit from a joint scholarship from University College Dublin and the...

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US Elections

All good news! Universities and student groups have been vocal about the need of radical reforms in the current policies for international students

For the past a few days, the majority of the world have been following closely the coverages on the...

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Student in Library

During this pandemic that is affecting all aspects of our lives, students may have had to put many things on hold during 2020 but education doesn't have to be one of them.

There is still time for students to benefit from a high-quality education...

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Most people will agree that finding the right university, coming out of high school, plays a significant role in shaping the future of students. Well, finding the right major or subject of study is equally important; as most graduates spend their...

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