What does the coronavirus outbreak mean to your study abroad plans?

The answer is, in short, not to worry,  the outbreak is expected to be contained within 3-5 months. With Studygram study abroad becoming easier

The problem of the coronavirus global epidemic began months ago in China and spread in the world to form a global problem that unites the efforts of all countries, governments, and institutions in searching for ways to prevent the spread of the virus and fight it in every way. Many countries have taken severe measures to fight the global epidemic and limit its spread widely. Through what has become known as isolation or social quarantine, which the individual isolates himself from society for a period of not less than 14 days, which is the incubation period of the virus in order to reduce transmission. Please note that these measures are likely to escalate in light of the rapid spread of this global epidemic, and there are currently treatments and vaccines available.

The important question that we want to answer is what does this epidemic mean for your plans to study abroad?

Most institutions and ministries of education, universities, and schools in the world have applied social isolation measures by stopping the process of direct education in universities and schools and moving to education via the Internet temporarily pending the decline of this global epidemic. Officials and decision-makers in the world believe that this crisis needs 3 to 5 months to resolve it to be before the start of the study for the year 2020-2021. Thus, there is no fear of delay in your future and your plan to study abroad next year.

Education will continue in schools, universities, remotely completely through the Internet until the crisis is completely resolved, even if it takes longer. Specialized websites have been created in this field to facilitate students obtaining their lessons online. The academic year might be postponed a few months until the situation is resolved.

Below we will review some of the measures that countries have taken towards their universities to reduce the spread of the Corona global epidemic,

In Britain, Ireland, and most of the European countries, all universities and schools temporarily turned to distance learning university, some examinations were cancelled, and others were transferred to electronic tests on the Internet. Universities in Britain have stressed that they are still open as libraries, consulting, research, and study areas operate as usual. A government official said that the student must make sure that he will achieve his educational qualification on time and that his undergraduate degree bears the same value.

In America, instructions were given to stop studying and not to return students to the university campus after a period of 14 days, renewable, depending on the laws of each state. And many universities issued directives for their students not to travel to China, South Korea, and Italy, and the system was transferred to the distance learning university until the end of the period of containing the Coronavirus, to resume the study in the new semester 2020/2021

In Australia and New Zealand, many universities have started transferring all of their classes to the internet in an attempt to contain the Coronavirus and prepare to close the university this semester until the virus is contained as announced before. The faculty members were encouraged to transfer all their work and lectures via the Internet with a direct broadcast and registration.

In Canada, universities remain open for a moment, with the following measures taken. If you have travelled anywhere outside Canada, including the United States of America, you must be isolated for 14 days. Universities advise all their members to avoid unnecessary travel abroad and avoid cruise ferries and tourist ships while closing all gyms, entertainment, and cinemas. If the situation escalates, Canada is considering moving to online education until the end of the spring semester.

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