Turkish private universities list

Turkish higher education has recorded a remarkable development in recent years in terms of quality and rich content, and the demand for students from all over the world. We see Turkish private universities offer multiple and detailed options in different fields. We also see that classification of Turkish universities has risen among the top 500 universities around the world, and Turkish private universities are more popular with foreign students for the following reasons.


  • Choose the language of instruction in English or Turkish and you can learn both languages ​​together
  • Get immediate university acceptance without comparison or acceptance tests
  • You can choose a wide variety of programs to study at university
  • Most of the private universities have a modern and developed infrastructure, and they have modern and digital libraries. The laboratories are at the latest level to facilitate students to do the required research, as well as sports and cultural facilities and modern housing for students.
  • The curriculum diversity and ease of penetration into the scientific curriculum and series.
  • More entertainment and cultural programs than public universities.
  • Student density is lower in lectures and laboratories.
  • Private universities provide meals for students.
  • Transportation costs are not needed in private universities because housing inside the university saves a lot of expenses.

This is a list of the most famous universities in Turkey:

1- Istanbul Medipol University

The university was established in 2009, the university has 71 university programs in 13 schools, 24 of which are in the English language, and the International School of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Health Sciences, and Engineering is located there.

2- Istanbul Aydın University

Founded in 2007, it serves 39,000 students and teaching is in English and Turkish according to the selection of the offered program. The university is located in a vital place in Istanbul. 3- Bahçeşehir University Founded in 1998, it consists of 8 colleges, a language school, and two vocational schools, it has 17,000 registered students and employs 506 employees at the university.

4- Özyeğin University

The university was established in 2007, the university offers 23 programs and 31 graduate programs, the university has the College of Business, the College of Engineering, the College of Social Sciences, the College of Aviation and Aviation Sciences, the College of Architecture and Design, the College of Social Sciences, the College of Applied Sciences, and the School of Languages.

5- Istanbul Bilgi University

Founded in 1996, the university has 4 campuses, 7 colleges, 3 institutes, 5 schools, 3 vocational schools, 150 educational programs, and the university includes nearly 20,000 students.

6- Istinye university

Founded in 2015, the number of students is 4000, the university provides practical training opportunities for medical students in the largest hospitals in Turkey. The university conducts research and educational activities to enhance the practical side of students.

7- Baskent university

Founded in 1994, in cooperation with the Turkish Organ and Burns Treatment Foundation and the Habral Foundation for Education. The university is one of the highest universities in Turkey in terms of quality and degree, it has art colleges, architecture, fashion design, college of communications, public relations, college of science Economics and Administration, College of Computer, Biomedical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering.

8- Sabanci university

Founded in 1999, the university has three colleges, the student can choose to specialize after the first or second year, study in English, 

it is the top destination for Arabic students who want to study in Turkey.

9- Istanbul Sehir University

Founded in 2008, it has 7 colleges, 3 colleges of graduate studies, and a vocational school. The faculty consists of 420 academics and 114 assistant professors. The university includes more than 800 international students from 80 different countries, or 18% of the total students.

10- Kadir has university

Founded in 1997, it has 7 colleges, engineering, science, economics, communications, law and fine arts, and a vocational school, the university is located in the capital Istanbul, the number of students is about 5500 students.

11- Okan university

Founded in 1999, it serves about 18,000 students, has 63 undergraduate programs, 41 master's degrees, and 13 PhDs. It has 8 colleges, Engineering, Business Administration, Medicine, Arts and Architecture, Computers, Tourism, Social Sciences, Education, and Training.

12- Uskudar university

Founded in 1999, the number of students ranges between 9,600 students, a leading international university in the field of mental health and mental illness, it has 4 colleges, engineering, communications, civilizational sciences, and health sciences.

13- Istanbul isik university

Founded in 1995, it has 5 colleges and two vocational schools and supports the English language academies, 35 university programs, 21 fellowship programs, and the university serves about 7,500 students.

14- Istanbul Ticaret University

Founded in 2001, the university has about 7,000 students and 300 faculty members. The university offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies.

15- Istanbul Gelisim University

Founded in 2008, the number of students is 25,000 students, the number of faculty members is 372, the number of graduate students is 2,149, there are 3 colleges, 4 schools, two vocational schools, and 3 institutes.

15- Altinbas university

Founded in 2008, it serves about 3700 international students, offers 23 distinguished university programs, in the fields of engineering, architecture, and dentistry, consisting of 9 university schools, 3 graduate schools, 2 vocational schools, 30 bachelor's programs.

16- Biruni university

Founded in 2014, it consists of 9 colleges and 32 departments. The teaching staff consists of 147 and 4,600 students.

There are departments of Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering Department, College of Education.

17- Istanbul Kultur university

Founded in 1997, it consists of 59 departments in eight colleges, the College of Education, the College of Arts, the College of Law, the College of Science and Economics, the College of Architecture, the College of Engineering, and the College of Health Sciences, and two vocational schools.

18- Yeni Yuzyil University

Founded in 2009, it consists of 10 colleges, 3 institutes, 3 vocational schools, 3 scientific research centers & the university has 23 medical specialties.

19- Sabahattin zaim university

Founded in 2010, it designs 10 world-class research centers specializing in agricultural, food research, chemistry laboratories, food development and microbiology.

20- Atilim university

Founded in 1997, it consists of 5 universities, Engineering, Management, Arts and Design, Science, and Law.
399 teachers and professors participate in the university, serving 6000 students.

21- Istanbul Gedik University

Founded in 2016, serving 6000 students, the university contains faculties of engineering, fine arts, architecture, sports and economics, administrative sciences, college of foreign languages ​​, and a vocational school.

22- Nisantasi university

Founded in 2012, it consists of 3 colleges, the faculty of economics, administrative and social sciences, the faculty of engineering and architecture, the faculty of arts and design, and includes an institute for social sciences, a vocational school, and 3 high schools.

23- Antalya Bilim University

Founded in 2010, it has a faculty of engineering, tourism, fine arts and architecture, business administration, aviation and space programs, a law school, a foreign language school, a college of dentistry.

24- Yasar University

Founded in 2001, the university is located in the city center of Izmir, offering more than 60 undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

The colleges of postgraduate studies contain 22 different masters and doctorates, the vocational school offers 9 programs, and there is the possibility of learning multiple languages ​​at the university.

25- Mediterranean Netkent University

Founded in 2012, it offers 10 programs at the Vocational School of Aviation, Business Administration, Culinary Arts, Tourism and Hospitality, and also 7 university programs at the College of Business, Tourism, Hotel Management, Law, and Social Sciences.

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