Why the University of Colorado Denver is the Right Fit for You


Pursue your higher education from US’s high economy state - Denver, Colorado

There are many high ranked universities located in the different US states, both public and private universities. Denver, Colorado is also home to some of the great universities. Moreover, Denver is the second most desirable place in the country to live (ranked #2 best place this year according to US News & World Report). Considering its pleasant weather, job market and livability Denver is a happening place to be. Yes, it has a high economy which means good chances of work prospects during and after studies. Super awesome weather, great outdoors, cultural norms, affordable living, what else one wants.

Have you heard about the University of Colorado Denver? No? Find out about this great university.

The University of Colorado Denver is a comprehensive public research university located in the heart of downtown Denver

The University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver) offers quality academic programs and unparalleled career outcomes in one of America’s greatest cities. CU Denver is ranked in the top 5% of all universities in the US and has 9 graduate programs ranked in the top 100. The University offers 57 STEM-OPT eligible programs, has 300 partnerships with local businesses, and awards more than 700 internships every year. 

CU Denver offers more than 140-degree programs. The student population is 15,000 students, of which 7% are international. 

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Very Diverse Environment 

The university has a very diverse culture. Everyone is welcomed and treated equally. Studying here will take you closer to different cultures which is a good opportunity to learn about different habitat, taste and lifestyle. CU Denver is one of the most diverse universities in Colorado, with students from more than 65 different countries. 

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