Learn English Language in UK this Summer
There is no faster way to learn English than to study in an English speaking country.

What could be more rewarding than living in an English speaking culture with native speakers? One gets exposed to many different English accents throughout the whole day, which helps develop listening and speaking skills better.

According to science, practicing a foreign language throughout the day in its home country is far more effective than taking a short training course at home.

If the student completes 4 - 6 weeks of English language course in the UK or USA, then she completes 1 Level in Cambridge, English Assessment, which is equivalent to 0.5 - 1.0 points on the IELTS exam. In 5 - 6 months, the student reach B2 level of Cambridge English, which is 5.0 to 6.0 on the IELTS exam.

So if you are looking for a general English language course, IELTS preparation, Academic English, or Professional English - invest in one of our English study abroad programs in the UK.

Book one of our English courses which is fun and exciting as well as educationally stimulating in London, Manchester, Liverpool, or other with Studygram. Enrol for 1 month, 2 months or 3-month course in British Council accredited language schools.


Our English Program packages start from 162 KWD which includes the following:

  1. All our programs include English language lessons + daily practice.
    Special group activities, including areas such as language skills development and British life and culture, study skills, reading, and writing. Daily English Practice in an informal situation
  2. Including accommodation and food facilities. Both Homestay Accommodation with family and resident accommodation is available nearby school centers.
  3. Including Airport pick-up service
  4. All our courses are eligible for the beginner or mid-level students
  5. English school campuses located in the city heart of London, Liverpool, Manchester, and more
  6. Students above 16 years can register. Special programs are available for Juniors between age group of 10 yrs to 15 years.


English Learning Schools in London

Learn English in London - the most famous and iconic city in the world.
There is so much to do in the city - visit world-class museums and famous landmarks, indulge in a huge variety of sports, go on day trips to Oxford or Cambridge, enjoy the magnificent nightlife as you continually improve your English.

Starting from 835 KWD


English Courses in Liverpool City

Liverpool city has some of the largest established language schools and excellent, modern equipment in beautiful traditional surroundings.

There is so much to fall in love with Liverpool like vibrant architecture and history, a wide variety of sports and fun activities to do, beautiful strawberry fields to western approaches museum, etc.

Starting from 612 KWD


Immersive English Language Programs in Manchester

Get the best possible learning experience in Manchester within a warm and friendly learning environment. Our English courses are tailored to satisfy the needs of our students. Study center located within the city. Accommodation included.

Spend your time in Manchester introducing yourself to world-class attractions, visiting the Museum of Science and Industry. Impressive range of offbeat shows, local food etc.

Starting from 789 KWD


Choose your Language Center in Other City

Study at the language school in other cities of the UK, which is located within the walking distance from the town centers and the beaches.

Study in Bournemouth - the city famous for Beaches, Nature & Wildlife Areas, and a lot more.

Starting from 672 KWD


Want to English Language in England this Summer?

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