35 Questions and Answers about studying in Canada


35 questions and answers about studying and working in Canada

About Canada

Canada’s Nature:

Canada is one of the largest countries in terms of geographical area and one of the best countries in terms of quality of life and high level of capital income.

Canada is a rich country with landscapes, with a cold climate but not throughout the year.

Canada has been ranked at the top in the United Nations as the best place in 2020 to live in, and it also has the advantage of free health care that applies to international students as well, and is classified as one of the safest countries where the crime rate is diminished compared to America and any other country.


 In the 19th century, about 15 million people immigrated to Canada and formed it as a big country.

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Top 10 universities in Russia


Russia has become one of the most popular countries for those who are looking to study abroad, as it is located in North Asia and Europe, with a huge area of ​​about 17 million square kilometers, with a population of 147 million people. It shares borders with many countries such as  Kazakhstan, Ukraine, China and Poland. Russia has a high ranking level of education among international universities, coming in the 49th level in the index of education in the United Nations Development Program for 2019. Russia has an academic and cultural diversity and elevated quality of life. In Russia, there are about 200 thousand students from all countries around the world are studying in its universities for these following reasons: 


First of all, Russia is considered one of the best educational systems of groups since the 18th century, as It has the lowest illiteracy rate of only about 2%.In addition, according to the Economic Cooperation and Development Organization, Russia has the most educated population which surpassing Europe, Japan and the United States. Second, studying in Russia gives students great choices in their fields of study, because they have programs such as literature and art. They,also, teach the works of great famous Russian writers and philosophers such as Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Anton Chekhov. It also has many fields of science such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering and medicine. They have the best programmers, chemists, engineers and doctors. Third,the language in Russia is a must in daily interactions. That is why Russia gives great importance to teaching the language. Therefore, they apply the teaching of the Russian language through practical courses through direct contact and social dealings whether in buying, selling, riding transportation or studying. Fourth, the preparations of the Russian universities are considered as highly equal as the western and American universities are. Fifth, International recognition of the Russian university certificate for joining the Bologna Declaration, makes its certificate acceptable and recognizable  in 60 member states of the Bologna process, including Finland, Cuba, France, Spain, India, Cyprus, China, Venezuela and Vietnam. Sixth, Cultural and ethnic diversity in Russia makes you easily adapted to your colleagues and get used to customs and traditions, as you can find about 200 ethnicities living in Russia, including different religions and nationalities. Actually Russians form 79% of the total population, Tatars are 3.8%, Ukrainians are 1.2 and Gouvach is 1.1%, while ethnicities that are not classified are about 12 %, Orthodox Christianity constitutes 20% of the total population, Islam 15%, and other religions 2%. Seventh, the cost of living in Russia is low in terms of the European Union. Finally; Last year,  Russia invited 17,000 students to its universities from all over the world to study there and provided  300 universities to them that can choose freely from, , and  here we review the top 10 universities in Russia:


1- RUDN Peoples ’Friendship University

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Turkish private universities list

Imd Turkish private universities list

Turkish Universities 

  • Turkish higher education has recorded a remarkable development in recent years in terms of quality and rich content, and the demand for students from all over the world. We see Turkish private universities offer multiple and detailed options in different fields. We also see that classification of Turkish universities has risen among the top 500 universities around the world, and Turkish private universities are more popular with foreign students for the following reasons.


  • Choose the language of instruction in English or Turkish and you can learn both languages ​​together
  • Get immediate university acceptance without comparison or acceptance tests
  • You can choose a wide variety of programs to study at university
  • Most of the private universities have a modern and developed infrastructure, and they have modern and digital libraries. The laboratories are at the latest level to facilitate students to do the required research, as well as sports and cultural facilities and modern housing for students.
  • The curriculum diversity and ease of penetration into the scientific curriculum and series.
  • More entertainment and cultural programs than public universities.
  • Student density is lower in lectures and laboratories.
  • Private universities provide meals for students.
  • Transportation costs are not needed in private universities because housing inside the university saves a lot of expenses.


This is a list of the most famous universities in Turkey:

1- Istanbul Medipol University

  • The university was established in 2009, the university has 71 university programs in 13 schools, 24 of which are in the English language, and the International School of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Health Sciences and Engineering is located there.

2- Istanbul Aydın University

  • Founded in 2007, it serves 39,000 students and teaching is in English and Turkish according to the selection of the offered program. The university is located in a vital place in Istanbul.

3- Bahçeşehir University

  • Founded in 1998, it consists of 8 colleges, a language school and two vocational schools, it has 17,000 registered students, and employs 506 employees at the university.

4- Özyeğin University

  • The university was established in 2007, the university offers 23 programs and 31 graduate programs, the university has the College of Business, the College of Engineering, the College of Social Sciences, the College of Aviation and Aviation Sciences, the College of Architecture and Design, the College of Social Sciences, the College of Applied Sciences, and the School of Languages.

5- Istanbul Bilgi University

  • Founded in 1996, the university has 4 campuses, 7 colleges, 3 institutes, 5 schools, 3 vocational schools, 150 educational programs, and the university includes nearly 20,000 students.

6- Istinye university

  • Founded in 2015, the number of students is 4000, the university provides practical training opportunities for medical students in largest hospitals in Turkey. The university conducts research and educational activities to enhance the practical side of students.

7- Baskent university

  • Founded in 1994, in cooperation with the Turkish Organ and Burns Treatment Foundation and the Habral Foundation for Education. The university is one of the highest universities in Turkey in terms of quality and degree, it has art colleges, architecture, fashion design, college of communications, public relations, college of science Economics and Administration, College of Computer, Biomedical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering.

8- Sabanci university

  • Founded in 1999, the university has three colleges, the student can choose to specialize after the first or second year, study in English.

9- Istanbul Sehir University

  • Founded in 2008, it has 7 colleges, 3 colleges of graduate studies, and a vocational school. The faculty consists of 420 academics and 114 assistant professors. The university includes more than 800 international students from 80 different countries, or 18% of the total students.

10- Kadir has university

  • Founded in 1997, it has 7 colleges, engineering, science, economics, communications, law and fine arts, and a vocational school, the university is located in the capital Istanbul, the number of students is about 5500 students.

11- Okan university

  • Founded in 1999, it serves about 18,000 students, has 63 undergraduate programs, 41 master's degrees, and 13 PhDs. It has 8 colleges, Engineering, Business Administration, Medicine, Arts and Architecture, Computers, Tourism, Social Sciences, Education and Training.

12- Uskudar university

  • Founded in 1999, the number of students ranges between 9,600 students, a leading international university in the field of mental health and mental illness, it has 4 colleges, engineering, communications, civilizational sciences and health sciences.

13- Istanbul isik university

  • Founded in 1995, it has 5 colleges and two vocational schools, and supports the English language academies, 35 university programs, 21 fellowship programs, and the university serves about 7,500 students.

14- Istanbul Ticaret University

  • Founded in 2001, the university has about 7,000 students and 300 faculty members. The university offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies.

15- Istanbul Gelisim University

  • Founded in 2008, the number of students is 25,000 students, the number of faculty members is 372, the number of graduate students is 2,149, there are 3 colleges, 4 schools, two vocational schools, and 3 institutes.

15- Altinbas university

  • Founded in 2008, it serves about 3700 international students, offers 23 distinguished university programs, in the fields of engineering, architecture, and dentistry, consisting of 9 university schools, 3 graduate schools, 2 vocational schools, 30 bachelor's programs.

16- Biruni university

  • Founded in 2014, it consists of 9 colleges and 32 departments. The teaching staff consists of 147 and 4,600 students.

There are departments of Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering Department, College of Education.

17- Istanbul Kultur university

  • Founded in 1997, it consists of 59 departments in eight colleges, the College of Education, the College of Arts, the College of Law, the College of Science and Economics, the College of Architecture, the College of Engineering and the College of Health Sciences, and two vocational schools.

18- Yeni Yuzyil University

  • Founded in 2009, it consists of 10 colleges, 3 institutes, 3 vocational schools, 3 scientific research centers & the university has 23 medical specialties.

19- Sabahattin zaim university

  • Founded in 2010, it designs 10 world-class research centers specializing in agricultural, food research, chemistry laboratories, food development and microbiology.

20- Atilim university

  • Founded in 1997, it consists of 5 universities, Engineering, Management, Arts and Design, Science, and Law.
  • 399 teachers and professors participate in the university, serving 6000 students.

21- Istanbul Gedik University


  • Founded in 2016, serving 6000 students, the university contains faculties of engineering, fine arts, architecture, sports and economics, administrative sciences, college of foreign languages ​​and a vocational school.

22- Nisantasi university

  • Founded in 2012, it consists of 3 colleges, the faculty of economics, administrative and social sciences, the faculty of engineering and architecture, the faculty of arts and design and includes an institute for social sciences, a vocational school and 3 high schools.

23- Antalya Bilim University

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COVID-19 Updates on School Calendar in Kuwait and Egypt

COVID-19-Updates-on-School-Calendar-in-Kuwait-and-Egypt-1200x800-layout1860-1f8re0h COVID-19 Updates on School Calendar in Kuwait and Egypt


In light of the emergency conditions as a result of the global epidemic Corona, some decisions were taken by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education regarding the organization of the progress of education in the various educational stages such as primary, secondary, and university levels, as well as organizing secondary exams and transportation stages.


In Egypt, we review the decisions of the new Minister of Higher Education:

Dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, announced in a picture message, the new ministry’s decisions in light of these exceptional circumstances the world is going through taking into consideration preserving the student’s abilities to learn and move to the new stage with ease steps.


The transfer years for the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade of primary school until the second preparatory will be stopped at the last school day, which is March 15, 2020 (the day taken decision to stop schools in EGYPT) and create a research project, including the student’s lessons throughout the entire study period.

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Take online English language and IELTS preparation courses at top institutions worldwide

Take online English language and IELTS preparation courses at top institutions worldwide

Bored waiting for COVID-19 to clear to resume your life? Start your IELTS preparation course ONLINE NOW, and continue the program face-to-face later in USA, Canada, or UK with COVID-19 resolves.


Limited-time discounts of 15-40% off selected language courses.

Preparing for the IELTS test requires a lot of time and practice to, successfully, pass the test and obtain the required degree demanded by the university that you want to complete studies abroad or obtain a partial or full scholarship from.


For a limited time, STAFFORD HOUSE INTERNATIONAL is offering 100% online English language and IELTS preparation course with 15 - 40% off original price!

Courses include general English, IELTS and Cambridge exam preparation. Offer valid for students from Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, UAE and the rest of the MENA region. Offer valid for bookings made between 1st April - 31st May 2020 only.

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TOEFL internet-based test (TOEFL iBT) can now be taken from your home


No need to postpone your English language test because of the COVID-19 outbreak

ETS has launched TOEFL online Test, an online quick fix for students who want to attend the TOEFL test and who have been affected by the Coronavirus disease issue. It is an integrated solution for Proctoru®, one of the master online test supervision solutions. The test will be monitored using live remote monitoring devices. So that all information is protected. The TOEFL test exam from IBT Family Edition Home English Test is available in selected countries and students can start the home test from March 26th. We will continue to evaluate the impact of the epidemic situation on test sites around the world and will work to provide solutions for countries affected by the epidemic. So that all students who wish to study in universities, can complete their studies abroad and complete university admission papers. The most important thing is the certificate of proficiency in the English language.

The TOEFL home test is the same as the traditional test:

This test is same as the IBT TOEFL test, which is performed at the test center in terms of content, appearance, screen experience and punctuation. It is monitored online by human-trained monitors from start to finish to keep the tests safe. In order to meet the needs of students who cannot perform the TOEFL IBT® test at the test center due to public health problems, ETS temporarily offers the TOEFL IBT® Home Edition test in certain regions. This test is exactly same as the TOEFL IBT® test in content, layout and screen experience center. It is taken at home on your computer and controlled online by proctoru® by a human supervisor. The test conforms to the international standards of Universities for English language acceptance tests that universities needed for those who looking for studying abroad.

TOEFL iBT has a shorter time duration

The online TOEFL IBT® exam time was reduced by 30 minutes to a total of 3 hours without any changes to the general test format or type of questions. For credibility, Reading, Listening and Speaking questions were reduced until the English test exam could be done in just one day.

Postponing and rescheduling is possible at no cost

TOEFL IBT® management was delayed the exams in some places due to concerns about the spread of the Coronavirus. A decision to postpone the tests was taken in cooperation with the national government and our testing centers.

Exemption from rescheduling costs

If your TOEFL IBT® trial appointment has been delayed, you will receive an email notification and your test will be rescheduled to your account. Check your account and email regularly to know the updates of your test. If your test date with TOEFL IBT® is nearly but you want to reschedule, you must contact the center and set the date for the TOEFL online exam. Check your account and email regularly to confirm the test status. You cannot reschedule your ETS account test without paying fees. If you want to register for a test online, you can check the test center website, and the availability of the date in the TOEFL test system in TOEFL IBT®. Note: Updates and general information about the availability of the test and may change without notifications Until March 31 Maghreb Until April 4 Albania, Armenia, Belgium, France, Germany, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, the Slovak Republic, Italy, Ethiopia, Romania, Tunisia, the UK and Uzbekistan.

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