35 Questions and Answers about studying in Canada


35 questions and answers about studying and working in Canada

About Canada

Canada’s Nature:

Canada is one of the largest countries in terms of geographical area and one of the best countries in terms of quality of life and high level of capital income.

Canada is a rich country with landscapes, with a cold climate but not throughout the year.

Canada has been ranked at the top in the United Nations as the best place in 2020 to live in, and it also has the advantage of free health care that applies to international students as well, and is classified as one of the safest countries where the crime rate is diminished compared to America and any other country.


 In the 19th century, about 15 million people immigrated to Canada and formed it as a big country.

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Top 10 universities in Russia


Russia has become one of the most popular countries for those who are looking to study abroad, as it is located in North Asia and Europe, with a huge area of ​​about 17 million square kilometers, with a population of 147 million people. It shares borders with many countries such as  Kazakhstan, Ukraine, China and Poland. Russia has a high ranking level of education among international universities, coming in the 49th level in the index of education in the United Nations Development Program for 2019. Russia has an academic and cultural diversity and elevated quality of life. In Russia, there are about 200 thousand students from all countries around the world are studying in its universities for these following reasons: 


First of all, Russia is considered one of the best educational systems of groups since the 18th century, as It has the lowest illiteracy rate of only about 2%.In addition, according to the Economic Cooperation and Development Organization, Russia has the most educated population which surpassing Europe, Japan and the United States. Second, studying in Russia gives students great choices in their fields of study, because they have programs such as literature and art. They,also, teach the works of great famous Russian writers and philosophers such as Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Anton Chekhov. It also has many fields of science such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering and medicine. They have the best programmers, chemists, engineers and doctors. Third,the language in Russia is a must in daily interactions. That is why Russia gives great importance to teaching the language. Therefore, they apply the teaching of the Russian language through practical courses through direct contact and social dealings whether in buying, selling, riding transportation or studying. Fourth, the preparations of the Russian universities are considered as highly equal as the western and American universities are. Fifth, International recognition of the Russian university certificate for joining the Bologna Declaration, makes its certificate acceptable and recognizable  in 60 member states of the Bologna process, including Finland, Cuba, France, Spain, India, Cyprus, China, Venezuela and Vietnam. Sixth, Cultural and ethnic diversity in Russia makes you easily adapted to your colleagues and get used to customs and traditions, as you can find about 200 ethnicities living in Russia, including different religions and nationalities. Actually Russians form 79% of the total population, Tatars are 3.8%, Ukrainians are 1.2 and Gouvach is 1.1%, while ethnicities that are not classified are about 12 %, Orthodox Christianity constitutes 20% of the total population, Islam 15%, and other religions 2%. Seventh, the cost of living in Russia is low in terms of the European Union. Finally; Last year,  Russia invited 17,000 students to its universities from all over the world to study there and provided  300 universities to them that can choose freely from, , and  here we review the top 10 universities in Russia:


1- RUDN Peoples ’Friendship University

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Turkish private universities list

Imd Turkish private universities list

Turkish Universities 

  • Turkish higher education has recorded a remarkable development in recent years in terms of quality and rich content, and the demand for students from all over the world. We see Turkish private universities offer multiple and detailed options in different fields. We also see that classification of Turkish universities has risen among the top 500 universities around the world, and Turkish private universities are more popular with foreign students for the following reasons.


  • Choose the language of instruction in English or Turkish and you can learn both languages ​​together
  • Get immediate university acceptance without comparison or acceptance tests
  • You can choose a wide variety of programs to study at university
  • Most of the private universities have a modern and developed infrastructure, and they have modern and digital libraries. The laboratories are at the latest level to facilitate students to do the required research, as well as sports and cultural facilities and modern housing for students.
  • The curriculum diversity and ease of penetration into the scientific curriculum and series.
  • More entertainment and cultural programs than public universities.
  • Student density is lower in lectures and laboratories.
  • Private universities provide meals for students.
  • Transportation costs are not needed in private universities because housing inside the university saves a lot of expenses.


This is a list of the most famous universities in Turkey:

1- Istanbul Medipol University

  • The university was established in 2009, the university has 71 university programs in 13 schools, 24 of which are in the English language, and the International School of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Health Sciences and Engineering is located there.

2- Istanbul Aydın University

  • Founded in 2007, it serves 39,000 students and teaching is in English and Turkish according to the selection of the offered program. The university is located in a vital place in Istanbul.

3- Bahçeşehir University

  • Founded in 1998, it consists of 8 colleges, a language school and two vocational schools, it has 17,000 registered students, and employs 506 employees at the university.

4- Özyeğin University

  • The university was established in 2007, the university offers 23 programs and 31 graduate programs, the university has the College of Business, the College of Engineering, the College of Social Sciences, the College of Aviation and Aviation Sciences, the College of Architecture and Design, the College of Social Sciences, the College of Applied Sciences, and the School of Languages.

5- Istanbul Bilgi University

  • Founded in 1996, the university has 4 campuses, 7 colleges, 3 institutes, 5 schools, 3 vocational schools, 150 educational programs, and the university includes nearly 20,000 students.

6- Istinye university

  • Founded in 2015, the number of students is 4000, the university provides practical training opportunities for medical students in largest hospitals in Turkey. The university conducts research and educational activities to enhance the practical side of students.

7- Baskent university

  • Founded in 1994, in cooperation with the Turkish Organ and Burns Treatment Foundation and the Habral Foundation for Education. The university is one of the highest universities in Turkey in terms of quality and degree, it has art colleges, architecture, fashion design, college of communications, public relations, college of science Economics and Administration, College of Computer, Biomedical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Engineering.

8- Sabanci university

  • Founded in 1999, the university has three colleges, the student can choose to specialize after the first or second year, study in English.

9- Istanbul Sehir University

  • Founded in 2008, it has 7 colleges, 3 colleges of graduate studies, and a vocational school. The faculty consists of 420 academics and 114 assistant professors. The university includes more than 800 international students from 80 different countries, or 18% of the total students.

10- Kadir has university

  • Founded in 1997, it has 7 colleges, engineering, science, economics, communications, law and fine arts, and a vocational school, the university is located in the capital Istanbul, the number of students is about 5500 students.

11- Okan university

  • Founded in 1999, it serves about 18,000 students, has 63 undergraduate programs, 41 master's degrees, and 13 PhDs. It has 8 colleges, Engineering, Business Administration, Medicine, Arts and Architecture, Computers, Tourism, Social Sciences, Education and Training.

12- Uskudar university

  • Founded in 1999, the number of students ranges between 9,600 students, a leading international university in the field of mental health and mental illness, it has 4 colleges, engineering, communications, civilizational sciences and health sciences.

13- Istanbul isik university

  • Founded in 1995, it has 5 colleges and two vocational schools, and supports the English language academies, 35 university programs, 21 fellowship programs, and the university serves about 7,500 students.

14- Istanbul Ticaret University

  • Founded in 2001, the university has about 7,000 students and 300 faculty members. The university offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies.

15- Istanbul Gelisim University

  • Founded in 2008, the number of students is 25,000 students, the number of faculty members is 372, the number of graduate students is 2,149, there are 3 colleges, 4 schools, two vocational schools, and 3 institutes.

15- Altinbas university

  • Founded in 2008, it serves about 3700 international students, offers 23 distinguished university programs, in the fields of engineering, architecture, and dentistry, consisting of 9 university schools, 3 graduate schools, 2 vocational schools, 30 bachelor's programs.

16- Biruni university

  • Founded in 2014, it consists of 9 colleges and 32 departments. The teaching staff consists of 147 and 4,600 students.

There are departments of Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering Department, College of Education.

17- Istanbul Kultur university

  • Founded in 1997, it consists of 59 departments in eight colleges, the College of Education, the College of Arts, the College of Law, the College of Science and Economics, the College of Architecture, the College of Engineering and the College of Health Sciences, and two vocational schools.

18- Yeni Yuzyil University

  • Founded in 2009, it consists of 10 colleges, 3 institutes, 3 vocational schools, 3 scientific research centers & the university has 23 medical specialties.

19- Sabahattin zaim university

  • Founded in 2010, it designs 10 world-class research centers specializing in agricultural, food research, chemistry laboratories, food development and microbiology.

20- Atilim university

  • Founded in 1997, it consists of 5 universities, Engineering, Management, Arts and Design, Science, and Law.
  • 399 teachers and professors participate in the university, serving 6000 students.

21- Istanbul Gedik University


  • Founded in 2016, serving 6000 students, the university contains faculties of engineering, fine arts, architecture, sports and economics, administrative sciences, college of foreign languages ​​and a vocational school.

22- Nisantasi university

  • Founded in 2012, it consists of 3 colleges, the faculty of economics, administrative and social sciences, the faculty of engineering and architecture, the faculty of arts and design and includes an institute for social sciences, a vocational school and 3 high schools.

23- Antalya Bilim University

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COVID-19 Updates on School Calendar in Kuwait and Egypt

COVID-19-Updates-on-School-Calendar-in-Kuwait-and-Egypt-1200x800-layout1860-1f8re0h COVID-19 Updates on School Calendar in Kuwait and Egypt


In light of the emergency conditions as a result of the global epidemic Corona, some decisions were taken by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education regarding the organization of the progress of education in the various educational stages such as primary, secondary, and university levels, as well as organizing secondary exams and transportation stages.


In Egypt, we review the decisions of the new Minister of Higher Education:

Dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, announced in a picture message, the new ministry’s decisions in light of these exceptional circumstances the world is going through taking into consideration preserving the student’s abilities to learn and move to the new stage with ease steps.


The transfer years for the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade of primary school until the second preparatory will be stopped at the last school day, which is March 15, 2020 (the day taken decision to stop schools in EGYPT) and create a research project, including the student’s lessons throughout the entire study period.

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Take online English language and IELTS preparation courses at top institutions worldwide

Take online English language and IELTS preparation courses at top institutions worldwide

Bored waiting for COVID-19 to clear to resume your life? Start your IELTS preparation course ONLINE NOW, and continue the program face-to-face later in USA, Canada, or UK with COVID-19 resolves.


Limited-time discounts of 15-40% off selected language courses.

Preparing for the IELTS test requires a lot of time and practice to, successfully, pass the test and obtain the required degree demanded by the university that you want to complete studies abroad or obtain a partial or full scholarship from.


For a limited time, STAFFORD HOUSE INTERNATIONAL is offering 100%e and IELTS preparation course with 15 - 40% off the original price!

Courses include general English, IELTS, and Cambridge exam preparation. Offer valid for students from Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, UAE, and the rest of the MENA region. Offer valid for bookings made between 1st April - 31st May 2020 only.

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Cambridge International Assessment canceling IGCSE and A-level exams for May/June 2020 will not affect your study abroad plans

web-01-1 Cambridge International Assessment canceling IGCSE and A-level exams

COVID-19 epidemic outbreak casts uncertainty on schools worldwide


 A rapid change has occurred in the last days since the outbreak of the global epidemic Coronavirus, Cambridge International has decided to extend school closures to May and June 2020, because it is impossible for many of our schools to take Cambridge exams. We have worked with our community schools, which need as much inevitability as possible in this difficult time. Our first priority is to protect safety and health. Our schools and teachers ensure that everything is safe for our students and support them to continue their education.

 Canceling IGCSE June exams was a hard but necessarily decision

So today, we made a tough decision, and we decided not to run any of the international exams in May / June 2020 in the U.S. They include Cambridge IGC, Cambridge or Level, Cambridge International as & One Level, Cambridge Ace Diploma and Cambridge Pre-U. We realize that students were working hard on these tests. We will work with schools to rate students who have been evaluated using the best evidence available. 


Cambridge will still issue certificates for its progressing students in June 2020

Students will obtain degrees and certificates from Cambridge International, according with the knowledge and skills they possess in their research programs. This will ensure that students will not face the downsides of these results in special circumstances. We offer schools with instructions on how students can take these degrees. We are talking about universities around the world, which study these unprecedented conditions that fall in admission decisions so that students can follow their educational journey as soon as possible. We are also aware of the potential impact of this attitude on motivation and learning for students. Many of our schools work hard to provide online educational support for student learning. We will continue to provide a wide range of support and resources to schools, teachers, and students. We have a dedicated page on our website, international Site that will provide schools with the latest information from Thursday, March 26 as regularly as possible. We know that schools need clear direction. We work all day long to provide valuable results to students in many countries where we work.

We work with universities from different regions to update our contacts for the May / June 2020 series. In particular, we have direct contact with universities in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Australia, who are the student’s major destination countries in Cambridge. Universities in the four countries understand our curriculum and are committed to supporting Cambridge University applicants in their admission process.

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TOEFL internet-based test (TOEFL iBT) can now be taken from your home


No need to postpone your English language test because of the COVID-19 outbreak

ETS has launched TOEFL online Test, an online quick fix for students who want to attend the TOEFL test and who have been affected by the Coronavirus disease issue. It is an integrated solution for Proctoru®, one of the master online test supervision solutions. The test will be monitored using live remote monitoring devices. So that all information is protected. The TOEFL test exam from IBT Family Edition Home English Test is available in selected countries and students can start the home test from March 26th. We will continue to evaluate the impact of the epidemic situation on test sites around the world and will work to provide solutions for countries affected by the epidemic. So that all students who wish to study in universities, can complete their studies abroad and complete university admission papers. The most important thing is the certificate of proficiency in the English language.

The TOEFL home test is the same as the traditional test:

This test is same as the IBT TOEFL test, which is performed at the test center in terms of content, appearance, screen experience and punctuation. It is monitored online by human-trained monitors from start to finish to keep the tests safe. In order to meet the needs of students who cannot perform the TOEFL IBT® test at the test center due to public health problems, ETS temporarily offers the TOEFL IBT® Home Edition test in certain regions. This test is exactly same as the TOEFL IBT® test in content, layout and screen experience center. It is taken at home on your computer and controlled online by proctoru® by a human supervisor. The test conforms to the international standards of Universities for English language acceptance tests that universities needed for those who looking for studying abroad.

TOEFL iBT has a shorter time duration

The online TOEFL IBT® exam time was reduced by 30 minutes to a total of 3 hours without any changes to the general test format or type of questions. For credibility, Reading, Listening and Speaking questions were reduced until the English test exam could be done in just one day.

Postponing and rescheduling is possible at no cost

TOEFL IBT® management was delayed the exams in some places due to concerns about the spread of the Coronavirus. A decision to postpone the tests was taken in cooperation with the national government and our testing centers.

Exemption from rescheduling costs

If your TOEFL IBT® trial appointment has been delayed, you will receive an email notification and your test will be rescheduled to your account. Check your account and email regularly to know the updates of your test. If your test date with TOEFL IBT® is nearly but you want to reschedule, you must contact the center and set the date for the TOEFL online exam. Check your account and email regularly to confirm the test status. You cannot reschedule your ETS account test without paying fees. If you want to register for a test online, you can check the test center website, and the availability of the date in the TOEFL test system in TOEFL IBT®. Note: Updates and general information about the availability of the test and may change without notifications Until March 31 Maghreb Until April 4 Albania, Armenia, Belgium, France, Germany, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, the Slovak Republic, Italy, Ethiopia, Romania, Tunisia, the UK and Uzbekistan.

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What does the coronavirus outbreak mean to your study abroad plans?

What does the coronavirus outbreak mean to your study abroad plans?

The answer is, in short, not to worry,  the outbreak is expected to be contained within 3-5 months. With Studygram study abroad becoming easier

The problem of the coronavirus epidemic began months ago in China and spread in the world to form a global problem that unites the efforts of all countries, governments and institutions in searching for ways to prevent the spread of the virus and fight it in every way. Many countries have taken severe measures to fight the epidemic and limit its spread widely. Through what has become known as isolation or social quarantine, which the individual isolates himself from society for a period of not less than 14 days, which is the incubation period of the virus in order to reduce transmission. Please note that these measures are likely to escalate in light of the rapid spread of this epidemic, and there are currently treatments and vaccines available.

The important question that we want to answer is what does this epidemic mean for your plans to study abroad?

Most institutions and ministries of education, universities and schools in the world have applied social isolation measures by stopping the process of direct education in universities and schools and moving to education via the Internet temporarily pending the decline of this global epidemic. Officials and decision-makers in the world believe that this crisis needs 3 to 5 months to resolve it to be before the start of the study for the year 2020-2021. Thus, there is no fear of delay in your future and your plan to study abroad next year.

Education will continue in schools, universities, remotely completely through the Internet until the crisis is completely resolved, even if it takes longer. Specialized websites have been created in this field to facilitate students obtaining their lessons online. The academic year might be postponed a few months until the situation is resolved.

Below we will review some of the measures that countries have taken towards their universities to reduce the spread of the Corona epidemic,

In Britain, Ireland and most of the European countries, all universities and schools temporarily turned to distance learning, some examinations were canceled, and others were transferred to electronic tests on the Internet. Universities in Britain have stressed that they are still open as libraries, consulting, research and study areas operate as usual. A government official said that the student must make sure that he will achieve his educational qualification on time and that his undergraduate degree bears the same value.

In America, instructions were given to stop studying and not to return students to the university campus after a period of 14 days, renewable, depending on the laws of each state. And many universities issued directives for their students not to travel to China, South Korea and Italy, and the system was transferred to the distance study until the end of the period of containing the Corona virus, to resume the study in the new semester 2020/2021

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Why the University of Colorado Denver is the Right Fit for You


Pursue your higher education from US’s high economy state - Denver, Colorado

There are many high ranked universities located in the different US states, both public and private universities. Denver, Colorado is also home to some of the great universities. Moreover, Denver is the second most desirable place in the country to live (ranked #2 best place this year according to US News & World Report). Considering its pleasant weather, job market and livability Denver is a happening place to be. Yes, it has a high economy which means good chances of work prospects during and after studies. Super awesome weather, great outdoors, cultural norms, affordable living, what else one wants.

Have you heard about the University of Colorado Denver? No? Find out about this great university.

The University of Colorado Denver is a comprehensive public research university located in the heart of downtown Denver

The University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver) offers quality academic programs and unparalleled career outcomes in one of America’s greatest cities. CU Denver is ranked in the top 5% of all universities in the US and has 9 graduate programs ranked in the top 100. The University offers 57 STEM-OPT eligible programs, has 300 partnerships with local businesses, and awards more than 700 internships every year. 

CU Denver offers more than 140-degree programs. The student population is 15,000 students, of which 7% are international. 

Explore more about the University of Colorado Denver

Very Diverse Environment 

The university has a very diverse culture. Everyone is welcomed and treated equally. Studying here will take you closer to different cultures which is a good opportunity to learn about different habitat, taste and lifestyle. CU Denver is one of the most diverse universities in Colorado, with students from more than 65 different countries. 

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UK to Bring Back Two-Year Student Work Visa Begining from Academic Year 2020-21


The return of the two-year post-study work visa for international students was reintroduced by the British government 

There is good news for International students who are planning to study in UK next year. The major announcement made by Boris Johnson’s government that: two-year UK post-study work visas will be reintroduced in 2020.

Which means now the new post-study work rights would be granted for international students enrolling at UK universities from the 2020/21 academic year, meaning the nation is likely to attract more international students to its universities in the future.

Studying in UK is a rewarding experience and the education you receive from there is recognized all over the world. However, as per the current rule, graduates with bachelors or master’s degrees are allowed to look for work for only four months. But thankfully from next year, all international graduates could qualify for a two-year period to work in the UK, increasing their chances of finding long-term employment after studying.

The Department for Education said, “The new immigration route will be available to international students who have successfully completed a course in any subject at undergraduate level or higher at a higher education provider with a track record of compliance, and have Tier 4 [student visa] leave at the point the route is introduced. This includes students who start courses in 2020-21 at undergraduate level or above.”

This new policy would have no cap on numbers of visas and would allow students to apply for a job as per their skills and suitability after completing their studies. The government’s aim is to recruit talented graduates in disciplines such as maths, engineering and technology.

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Top 15 Reasons to Study at the University of Debrecen in Hungary

study in Hungary at University of Debrecen

Looking to study abroad, why not choose the University of Debrecen, which offers a wide range of courses, practicals and participation in in-depth research programs. Check out what are the benefits of studying at one of the largest universities of Hungary.

1. Located in the heart of Europe

Hungary is a European Union member country located in Central Europe, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and in the world. The country has borders with Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. And Debrecen is the second-largest city in Hungary with many opportunities to offer international students like many festivals, concerts and all sorts of sporting events take place year-round. The country has some of the oldest universities in the world and high-quality programs to offer. And these programs are recognized in other European countries and all over the world.

2. It is the oldest continuously operating institution of higher education in Hungary

The University of Debrecen was established in 1538. It has more than 1800 teaching staff who aim to provide a superior education in 23 doctoral schools and 14 faculties. The university possesses 7 campuses, 2 teaching training secondary schools, 2 elementary schools, 24 doctoral schools and 7 libraries. The widest choices of majors are offered by the UD in the country.

3. Highly ranked by the most prestigious higher education rankings

The University is featured in the best 1000 universities in the world, according to the most well-known international university rankings. QS World University Rankings 601.

4.Continuous increase in the number of foreign students every year

The 1/5th (highest number) of the total foreign students in Hungary studies at the University of Debrecen. The number of students applying and studying always keep on rising with an increase of 10% this year.

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New Intakes for University Courses Starting in January 2020

New intakes for study abroad 2020

All About applying early for New intakes for study abroad programs

Have you missed or got too late to apply for 2019 intake? We are receiving inquiries from many students asking us if they can apply now for September 2019 in any of universities abroad but the fact is that most universities in the UK, US, Australia, Canada etc have now closed applications for 2019. While most Universities are closed for the summer vacation. But you can start early for next intake which will commence from January, February or March 2020.

Confused about the application and admission process?

Understanding the admission and application process of international universities can be tricky and confusing, as lots of procedures and selection criteria are involved with it. You would also require taking English proficiency test including other entrance tests before applying. 

We at Studygram can help you choose the right course and apply for early Intake 2020. You can apply for Foundation degrees, Undergraduate degrees, Postgraduate or Master's from selected foreign universities which will be starting in January, February and March 2020. The University application deadlines may vary based on the intake. So don't get too late, it’s always recommended applying early.

Start early for the next intake for foundation or undergraduate program

Its best to begin as early as possible. You can start by identifying and choosing a course that is most suitable for you — note down your strengths and interests, and search for the available programs as per your current qualifications. Or if you can’t decide on your own, then we can help you with this process. Simply contact our educational expert. Know about the available program to Apply for January–February admission for 2020.

Don’t struggle to choose a program? Let us know your requirement and if you have any questions. Make an appointment for our Free counseling session with the expert and then decide. We hope we can help your dreams come true!

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Study in Germany at Otto Von Guericke University Magdeburg


Whether you have attended the Seminar - “Study in Germany” on 15 July with ‘Otto Von Guericke University Magdeburg’ representatives or have missed it, here you can find all the important information you need to apply in German university - Otto Von Guericke University.

Otto Von Guericke University is one of the best universities, focused on engineering, natural sciences and medicine. It also offers degrees in economics, management, social sciences and humanities. There are many good pathway programs to start with.

Types of specialized Courses available:

  • M-course: for medical, biological and pharmaceutical degrees
  • T-course: for mathematical, science or technical degrees
  • W-course: for business, economics and social science degrees

Anybody who wants to study in Germany has to attend a Preparatory year and pass an official exam.

Curriculum Specific Requirements

General Certificate of Education Advanced Subsidiary & Advanced Level (GCE/GCSE AS & A Level, Cambridge International) 

Student those who have completed GCE AS & A Levels are eligible for direct admission if they satisfy the following requirements:

A total of four subjects are required, which must be independent of one other and have general education, non-vocational content.

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Seminar - Study in Germany on July 15 2019 in Kuwait


Want to study in Germany? Meet University representatives in the seminar and get all the information you need

This coming July 15 2019, Otto Von Guericke University will be visiting Kuwait. If you are dreaming to study in Germany then this is the best chance to get introduced to one of the best German university and have information about their programs and admission.

Otto Von Guericke University Magdeburg

Otto Von Guericke University is located in Magdeburg Germany and is one of the best university, is focused on engineering, natural sciences and medicine. It also offers degrees in economics, management, social sciences and humanities. There are many good pathway programs to start with. All will be discussed in the seminar.

(Click here to learn more about Studying in Germany, requirements and conditions)

Event Details:

This is a special event just for our valued applicants and those who are thinking about studying in Germany, going to take place on July 15 2019 at IBIS Hotel, Salmiya. The members of Otto Von Guericke University and German Embassy in Kuwait will be attending the event. 

At the Event, you will get the chance to speak with university members, clear your doubts, meet other applicants and talk to our education consultant. Parents are also encouraged to come and meet the university representatives.

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Learn English Language in UK this Summer

Learn English in UK

There is no faster way to learn English than to study in an English speaking country.

What could be more rewarding than living in an English speaking culture with native speakers? One gets exposed to many different English accents throughout the whole day which help developing listening and speaking skills better.
According to science, practicing a foreign language throughout the day in its home country is far more effective than taking a short training course at home.
If the student completes 4 - 6 weeks of English language course in UK or USA, then she completes 1 Level in Cambridge English Assessment, which is equivalent to 0.5 - 1.0 points on the IELTS exam. In 5 - 6 months, the student reaches B2 level of Cambridge English, which is 5.0 to 6.0 on the IELTS exam.

So if you are looking for General English, IELTS preparation, Academic English or Professional English - invest in one of our English study abroad program in UK.
Book one of our English courses which is fun and exciting as well as educationally stimulating in London, Manchester, Liverpool or other with Studygram. Enroll for 1 month, 2 months or 3 months course in British Council accredited language schools.

Find important Course details below.

Our English Program packages start from 162 KWD which includes the following:
  1. All our programs include English language lessons + daily practice.
    Special group activities, including areas such as language skills development and British life and culture, study skills, reading and writing. Daily English Practice in an informal situation
  2. Including accommodation and food facilities. Both Homestay Accommodation with family and resident accommodation are available nearby school centers.
  3. Including Airport pick-up service
  4. All our courses are eligible for beginner or mid-level students
  5. English school campuses located in the city heart of London, Liverpool, Manchester, and more
  6. Students above 16 years can register. Special programs are available for Juniors between age group of 10 yrs to 15 years.

English Learning Schools in London

Learn English in London - the most famous and iconic city in the world.
There is so much to do in the city - visit world-class museums and famous landmarks, indulge in a huge variety of sports, go on day trips to Oxford or Cambridge, enjoy magnificent nightlife as you continually improve your English.

Starting from 835 KWD

English Courses in Liverpool City

Liverpool city has some of the largest established language schools and excellent, modern equipment in beautiful traditional surroundings.

There is so much to fall in love with Liverpool like: vibrant architecture and history, wide variety of sports and fun activities to do, beautiful strawberry fields to western approaches museum, etc.

Starting from 612 KWD

Immersive English Language Programs in Manchester

Get the best possible learning experience in Manchester within a warm and friendly learning environment. Our English courses are tailored to satisfy the needs of our students. Study center located within the city. Accommodation included.

Spend your time in Manchester introducing yourself to world-class attractions, visiting the Museum of Science and Industry.impressive range of offbeat shows, local food etc.

Starting from 789 KWD

Choose your Language Center in Other City

Study at the language school in other cities of UK which is located within the walking distance from the town centers and the beaches.

Study in Bournemouth - the city famous for Beaches, Nature & Wildlife Areas and lot more.

Starting from 672 KWD
Book the best English course with Studygram. Get in touch with us so we can talk.
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Study in Italy at Affordable Prices with Studygram™ - Your Gateway to Worldwide Education

Study Abroad in Italy
Study in Italian culture at one of prestigious and heritage universities   Italy - a European country of timeless beauty, world-famous cuisine, adorable towns, and have the most unique culture in the world. Does the idea of waking up surrounded by the classical beauty of the Romans and immense Catholic churches make you swoon? Then s...
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Pathway to Nursing from Robert Gordon University in UK

Study Nursing in UK

Study Nursing & Midwifery at Top Ranked Robert Gordon University in UK

The Director of Nursing of Robert Gordon University visited Studygram in Kuwait on Sunday, 10 Feb 2019 to discuss Nursing programmes and development opportunities for interested students.

In our recent meeting with the faculty of RGU, the Head of School, Ian Murray, and Course Leader Pamela Kirkpatrick discussed the followings:

  1. Nursing courses now open to international students.
  2. New Nursing foundation programmes that will be starting this September 2019
  3. Alternatively, they mentioned about their 1 or 2 year Bsc Nursing studies top up degree which is designed for those who already have a diploma in the Nursing field.
  4. The  University also encourages students to work with them.
  5. Entry requirements

Read more about these points in detail below.

The University (ICRGU) offers foundation leading to:

  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Health Sciences
  • Life Sciences

Robert Gordon University - The School of Nursing and Midwifery

Robert Gordon University (RGU) is the school of Nursing and Midwifery in the North East of Scotland, UK. Well known for producing skilled, compassionate and professional graduates. (Check out RGU website here >>)

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Top Universities in Canada for International Students

Study in Top Universities in Canada

Canada is home to some of the best Universities in the world, read on to know where to study in Canada

Once you decide to study in Canada, the world’s second-largest country, you will realize that it’s a great future investment in your career. Canada is a country with a modern entity burrowed around spectacular scenery, very promising for a healthy outdoor lifestyle. The country is popular for its natural beauty scenery, a wealth of forest, beautiful lakes and mountains.

The reason why Canadian education is better over other developed countries is that of certain advantages that studying in Canada can bring.

  • One is, the cost of tuition and living fees in Canada are generally lower than in other developed countries without compromising on education quality.
  • Second is an easy visa policy as compared to other developed countries like USA
  • Canadian government encourages students to stay in the country for as long as possible and this brings in many employment opportunities as well.
  • It is also possible to work while studying in Canada.
  • Students who study there receive a top-quality and internationally-respected education, preparing them for professional pursuits in Canada or abroad.

(Get more details about Education system, life, requirements to study in Canada.)

However, the first step is to find a Canadian University which is Ministry of Higher Education approved, that you would like to attend and a study program that matches your goals and ambitions. Once you decide, you can then fill out a free consultation form in the end to learn more about obtaining a study permit and education programs, scholarship availability, eligibility criteria for Canada.

If you already have a university in mind then directly fill out the form below to discuss with us.

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Study in UK Medicine or Engineering- A Step-by-Step Guide

Study Abroad in UK

Do you want to study in UK but don't know how to start? Read on to know the steps

UK universities are associated with quality education, earning a degree from one of the UK's universities will boost your career progression. UK is the opportunity to excel your English language skills, develop your academic knowledge and grow in confidence to succeed in your career.

The popular cities with best academic opportunities are London, Liverpool, Brighton, Glasgow etc and the major entry requirements for any UK university are good qualification and grades, English language proficiency scores, ID documents, Experience and references, and more program-specific requirements. Don’t worry if you don’t have English language proficiency, you can even study in the UK, get more details below. (Click here to get a detailed overview of Studying in UK,  Life and Education system.)

Learn more about the step-by-step process of applying for a degree program in UK with this article and get your application started today.

Step One: Choose a Right Degree Program to Study in UK

To study abroad in UK, most students from the Gulf States requires to study an International Foundation Year first. These courses take 1 year and provide guaranteed entry to selected bachelor's degrees on successful completion.

There are many education programs approved by the Ministry of Higher Education to choose from for a foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Medicine and Engineering are the two highly demand education programs to study in United Kingdom.

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Study Engineering in USA at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Study Engineering in USA at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

A Top-Ranked Accredited University Offering 7 Engineering Programs including Aerospace and Civil Engineering

Studying abroad in USA is the dream of many students who desire to have productive careers and leadership roles in service around the world. The USA has emerged as a country reputed for its quality education. It offers various options that you could choose from according to your academic and cultural preferences.

With more and more Arab students are interested in studying engineering in the US, in this post we intend to highlight one of the most prestigious engineering schools in USA - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) - world’s top accredited technological university.

The largest accredited university system specializing in aviation and aerospace engineering programs

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has two main US campuses located in Daytona Beach, FL and Prescott, AZ serving a student population of about 8,000 students from more than 100 countries. It is considered the world's top university for students who are interested in developing and studying for a high-level career in aviation and engineering.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University's current ranking (in the 2019) is 15th in Best Colleges of Regional Universities South. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees, master degrees, doctorate degrees in several areas of study.

Students can choose from more than 40 degree programs, including aerospace engineering, civil engineering, software engineering, and many more. Its aeronautical science programs are the largest programs in USA.

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