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Every year international students start their study abroad journey by exploring a host of options looking for the university that best suits and fulfills their personal and academic aspirations.  

when looking for study abroad opportunities, students often look for the best university for their desired discipline, the tuition, and living costs in the country/city in which the university is located as well as after-graduation employability, among many other criteria.  

In this article, we shed light on 11 reasons why Queen’s University of Belfast became a reputable destination for students pursuing their education abroad.



Academic Reputation and Faculty Quality 

Students at Queen's University Belfast

Being the 9th oldest university in the UK, Queen’s University Belfast has been providing top education since 1845. With world-renowned faculty members, Queen’s University Belfast provides students with top-notch undergraduate and graduate studies in many different disciplines.  

QUB is also considered amongst the leading research universities in the UK – as is a member of the prestigious Russell Group of the UK’s 24 leading research-intensive universities, and has been ranked first in the UK for research intensity in disciplines like Biological Sciences, Dentistry, and Mathematics.  

Queen’s University’s research ranking received as high as first in the UK for Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Food Science, Agriculture, and Forestry making it one of the most popular study destinations for students looking to study abroad. 


Degree Programs and Disciplines 

At Queen’s University Belfast you get access to a wide spectrum of undergraduate and graduate degree programs covering a host of disciplines; from Accounting and Economics to Medicine, Computer Engineering, and Architecture. 

QUB’s population of 3,000 International students from more than 80 countries around the world is not only attracted by the highly-ranked disciplines, but also by the variety of specializations and academic excellence. 

Recent statistics prove that 96% of current international students are satisfied with the subject area expertise of their lecturers, and 93% of the same students are satisfied also with the teaching abilities of their lecturers. 


Top Ranked Courses and University


 Queen’s University Belfast is amongst the top-ranked universities in the United Kingdom and the world. 

The University has been ranked 216 in the world in the QS World University Rankings 2023 and 200 in the world in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2023 

QUB also has 15 subjects with ranking in the top 200 in the UK and the world in the QS World Rankings by subject 2022; amongst which are subjects like English Language and Literature (51-100), Pharmacy and Pharmacology (51-100), Nursing (51-100) and Medicine (151-200). 

Not only does Queen’s University Belfast is an internationally respected university, but it also holds a high ranking amongst UK universities.  

The University is ranked 27th in the UK with 24 subjects in the UK's top 20 and 10 subjects in the top 10. Subjects like Electrical and Electronic Engineering rank 9th in the UK while Accounting and Finance rank 6th, Chemical Engineering ranks 16th, and Mechanical Engineering rank 20th. 


Tuition Cost tuition_fees_at_qub

Despite its reputation of being an internationally respected university, QUB is considered one of the most affordable study abroad universities in the UK.  

The yearly tuition fees at Queen’s University Belfast amount to £17,400 for the classroom-based level of study and £ 21,400 for the laboratory-based level of study while the Pre-clinical Based / Clinical level of study costs £32,200 per year. 

Queen’s University Belfast avails £1.5M in scholarships to talented, fee-paying international students each year, for this, students looking to learn overseas have a great opportunity to make use of scholarships and lowering tuition fees. 




One of the most important aspects to take into consideration for international students when making up their minds about studying abroad is whether or not a university offers scholarships. 

One of the top universities offering grants and scholarships to international students is Queen’s University Belfast. 

Yes, QUB is one of the best universities providing foreign students with scholarships and grants; Queen’s University Belfast avails £1.5M in scholarships to talented, fee-paying international students each year making it one of the most attractive studies abroad destinations for international students.  

The International Office Undergraduate Scholarship awards international undergraduate students enrolling in full-time undergraduate programs up to £3000 for one year.  

The Vice-Chancellor's International Attainment Scholarship awards international students enrolled in full-time undergraduate programs up to 50% discount on tuition fees paid for all years. 

Visit this link and keep an eye out for when the International Attainment Scholarship Survey is available. 


International Student's Hospitality 

Belfast as a capital is a modern and beautiful city that is welcoming to its visitors and quite easy to get around while being an affordable location to live and study. 

The city features a beautiful contrast of old and modern architecture. Being one of the most affordable cities to live and study in the UK has made Belfast a top destination for international students. Particularly, Queen’s University Belfast is a top choice for international students for its friendliness and welcoming to visiting students. The university takes into account the stress international students may fall under while being away from home and thus has over 200 clubs and societies to suit everyone, including sports, gaming, creative, cultural, and academic societies. 



Queen’s University Belfast is located in south central Belfast and as such is close to both Northern Ireland’s main motorways, connecting it easily with the rest of Ireland. The university is also a five-minute walk to Botanic Train Station making it easily connected to Dublin and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Belfast could also easily be reached by plane; Belfast’s 2 airports, George Best Belfast City Airport and Belfast International Airport, seamlessly connect it to other major cities within the UK with less-than-an-hour flights that are reasonably priced. Its 2 airports serve 74 direct flights from Belfast to the UK, Europe, and the USA.


Affordable Living Cost

Belfast is considered one of the most affordable cities to live and study in within the United Kingdom, making it even more of an attractive study destination for international students. 

Average monthly living expenses certainly vary depending on individuals' spending habits; however, the average living cost in Belfast is considered to be a lot less than the living costs in mainland Britain.  

Monthly rental fees range from £400-£550 for a 1-bedroom apartment, a single movie ticket costs about £7 and a fast-food combo meal would cost around £6.  

It is estimated that the average total expense is £950 per month. 


Quality Accommodation

With accommodation costs varying between £85-£175 per week, Queen’s University Belfast provides one of the most affordable accommodations options in the UK. The University has added 1,237 rooms across two brand new city center sites in 2018 that provide students with modern accommodation.  

QUB offers its students different types of accommodations where students can choose to live in a twin, standard, or en-suite accommodation.  

Additionally, those who wish to live in a single-sex, quiet-living, and alcohol-free accommodation have to indicate that in their application. Students who are looking for a more economic accommodation option can certainly look for private housing where they can share an apartment with other fellow students. 



Support Network

Moving to a new country can be an intimidating experience for young international students.  

The Student Guidance Center at Queen’s University Belfast is the first-place students visit when looking for information, support, or advice. The center provides students with support services that look after their health, well-being, education needs, study needs, financial security, and future career.  

The dedicated International Support Services team provides students with advice in relation to visa and immigration matters including how to apply for UK visa and assisting with any queries they may have during their time here. 


Higher Chances of Employability

Queen’s University Belfast is ranked in the top 140 in the world for graduate prospects (QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2020).  

QUB prepares and encourages its students to take advantage of a student exchange program or an international work placement program as part of their degree. Students then will have the chance to utilize the European Erasmus Programme, through which they will get a chance to study abroad for one year at a partner university in Australia, Canada, China, India, New Zealand, or the USA.  

Students can also gain some work experience through a work placement program with an employer. Every year over 800 Queen’s students take the opportunity to go outside of Northern Ireland to study or gain work-related experience.  

The intention behind this opportunity is to give students employability, broaden their cultural awarenessboost their self-confidence and, resilience. Note that according to a survey made by HESA, 96% OF QUB graduates are in employment or further study six months after graduation.  

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