Italy, a country in Europe is a highly developed international destination for education. Universities in Italy were founded in the 12th century making them the most ancient in the world. For students, there is a wide selection of degree programmes and certified programmes to choose from, that can be studied online through distance learning or facilitated through classrooms at academic institutions across the country. No doubt, Italy hosts top rated study abroad programmes, highly qualified and experienced professors and world-class facilities that enable students to find professional success. Because of these reasons and amazing tourist attractions more and more students are opting to study abroad in Italy.

Universities in Italy

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Five Quick Facts About Italy

  • Italy is a highly developed country and comes in top 15 study destinations in the world with a best-industrialised economy
  • Italy’s tradition is highly influenced in the world (and beautiful language)
  • The country is world famous for incredible cuisine and wine traditions. The only place where you will find real pizza.
  • More UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country
  • Italy has a high tourist attraction, beautiful infrastructure, heritage cities makes studying in Italy very pleasant

Information Specific to International Students

To study in Italy, students from EU countries do not need a visa. The other nationalities have to apply for a student visa at least before three months from the expected date of travelling. For info regarding student visa conditions, prospective students must contact the embassy or consulates in their home state. Bot EU national and other nationals require resident permit to study in Italy.

According to JustLanded reports: "Non-EU students are needed to have an Italian-language examination unless they have a CILS certification. There is no central clearing method for enrolment in Italian universities and also you should apply to every university individually."

Additional Information

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